Rhymes Against Cybercrime: How AI-Poems Are Teaching Us to Stay Safe Online

Harnessing the Power of Poetry to Combat Digital Fraud

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Key Takeaways:

  • AI technology is being used to adapt classic poems for raising cyber-security awareness.
  • Experts emphasize the effectiveness of rhyming in enhancing memory and learning.
  • The initiative aims to educate the public on safe online practices in a creative and engaging manner.


As Computer Security Day nears on November 30th, innovative strategies are emerging to bolster public awareness about digital security. One such approach is the adaptation of classic poems into scam-aware versions, a creative endeavor that blends art and technology.

The Power of Poetic Persuasion

Transforming Classics for Cybersecurity

Experts at Scams.info have embraced AI technology to infuse classic poems with lessons on digital vigilance. From emphasizing the importance of strong passwords to recognizing phishing threats, these adapted poems serve as both educational tools and artistic expressions.

Why Rhyme Matters

James Roy, Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy, sheds light on the significance of rhyming. Rhymes serve as cognitive tools that aid memory, engaging the brain’s complex processes and making learning more effective and enjoyable.

AI-Poems: A New Frontier in Fraud Awareness

Crafting Cybersecurity Consciousness

The project includes several poems, each with a specific objective related to digital safety. These AI-powered adaptations cover various aspects of online security, from the necessity of two-factor authentication to strategies for avoiding phishing scams.

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Educational Impact

By employing rhymes, the initiative transforms cybersecurity education into an engaging experience. These poems are not only instructive but also memorable, making them a potent tool in the fight against online fraud.

Insights from the Experts

James Roy’s Perspective

James Roy emphasizes the neurological benefits of rhyming. He explains how rhyming organizes information into manageable chunks, streamlining storage in memory and enhancing retrieval when needed.

The Role of Repetition

Repetition, a key feature of rhymes, plays a crucial role in memory consolidation. It reinforces neural connections, making it easier to recall information and apply it in real-world scenarios.

Methodology: Merging AI and Literature

AI-Powered Creativity

Scams.info leveraged AI technology, specifically the CHATgpt program, to generate these scam-aware versions of classic poems. This innovative approach showcases the potential of AI in educational and creative fields.

Data Collection and Sources

The poems were sourced from platforms like Thought Co., with data collected on November 8th, 2023. This methodological approach highlights the intersection of technology, literature, and cybersecurity.


The use of AI to adapt classic poems for cybersecurity education represents a novel approach in raising digital awareness. By blending the art of poetry with the science of technology, this initiative offers an engaging and effective way to learn about staying safe in the digital world.

Source: https://www.scams.info/

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