Electrifying the Scottish Homes: A Landmark Step Towards a Greener Future!

Driving Scotland's Eco-friendly Residential Revolution

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Key Takeaways:

  • Three major Scottish housebuilders ink exclusive, multi-year agreements.
  • Hundreds of Scottish homes each year to be outfitted with state-of-the-art EV chargers.
  • Norway’s trailblazing EV charger manufacturer, previously aiding NASA, fortifies its position in Scotland’s booming EV market.

Zaptec Makes a Splash in Scotland

In a trailblazing move that reflects a brighter, greener future for residential properties in Scotland, leading EV charger manufacturer Zaptec has secured three monumental multi-year partnerships. The premium property developers now slated to utilize Zaptec Go chargers in their estates are Whiteburn Projects, Kirkwood Homes, and the eminent Cala Group.

Changing the Landscape of Residential EV Charging

Scotland is a country known for its rich heritage and breath-taking landscapes, but now it’s poised to lead in a new arena – sustainable living. With these three deals, an impressive number of residences across Aberdeenshire, Alford, Dundee, Fife, Kirkcaldy, and Kirkwood will soon sport the sleek and efficient Zaptec Go chargers. This move is more than just about chargers; it’s about driving Scotland’s eco-friendly residential revolution.

From Space Missions to EV Chargers: Zaptec’s Stellar Journey

Having its roots back in 2012 in Norway, the world’s premier EV market, Zaptec’s inception was far from ordinary. Originally aiding space missions for NASA, in 2016, the company shifted gears towards producing and selling top-tier EV chargers. Since this pivot, the brand has commanded a whopping 50% market share in Norway, while also planting its flag in emerging EV markets like Scotland.

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Reactions to the Pioneering Collaboration

Joe Stenhouse, representing Zaptec as the Business Development Manager for Scotland, voiced the company’s enthusiasm on the recent collaborations. He emphasized Zaptec’s unwavering commitment to fueling Scotland’s transition to EVs, offering the populace unmatched EV charging solutions.

Eve McCurrich, the stalwart Managing Director from Whiteburn Projects, highlighted Zaptec’s design-forward approach as a key deciding factor. The synergy between Whiteburn’s design-led housing approach and Zaptec’s minimalist charger design, coupled with a spectrum of color choices, proved irresistible.

Scotland’s Resolute Green Commitment

By June 5, 2023, Scotland is slated to adopt regulations mandating the provision of EV charging facilities in all new constructions and major renovations. Scotland’s fervent ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045, five years ahead of the broader UK, showcases its dedication to environmental leadership. Given that transport is the most significant contributor to the nation’s emissions, and a lion’s share of this – 38% – is from cars, Scotland’s aggressive shift from Internal Combustion Engines to EVs is both strategic and necessary.

Why Zaptec Go Stands Out

Zaptec Go isn’t just another charger; it’s a beacon of design excellence and technical prowess. Sized no larger than a typical tablet, this compact device is engineered to interact seamlessly with all EVs, modulating its maximum charge to match a car’s potential. With a rare five-year guarantee that encompasses both the product and its installation, Zaptec Go embodies reliability and top-tier design. Its accolades, including triumphing in the EV charger category at the 2022 Red Dot Award and earning top marks from the Norwegian Automobile Federation, further validate its global appeal.

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In an era where sustainable choices determine the fate of our planet, Zaptec’s formidable ingress into Scotland’s residential sector showcases a promising trajectory towards greener, more sustainable living. As homes across Scotland get equipped with these state-of-the-art chargers, it is clear that the nation’s future is not just green; it’s electric!

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