Meet the Top 10 Game-Changing Corporate Lawyers in Sichuan, China 2023

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The Chinese legal landscape and its cadre of experts have evolved significantly over the years, coinciding with the country’s rise as a global economic power. Particularly, the realm of corporate and commercial law in Sichuan has seen the emergence of some noteworthy counsels. In this feature, we will explore the profiles of some of these leading attorneys, who have distinguished themselves in their respective specialties while making meaningful contributions to their client’s business concerns.

The province of Sichuan in China is the fulcrum of several leading domestic and international corporations, demanding a proficient legal acumen to comprehend and navigate its diverse and complex needs. The lawyers featured here have thoroughly established themselves in their sectors, whether it is from dispute resolution and bankruptcy proceedings to investment deals and corporate governance.

The unconventional brilliance and proven expertise of these stellar attorneys have not only earned them marked respect in legal circles but also warranted the trust of the corporations they serve. They have been instrumental in shaping the Chinese corporate law sector, contributing significantly to their clients’ business strategies, and upholding the definition of professionalism.

Ying Lan

Operating at the nexus of insolvency law and commercial disputes resolution, Ying Lan of Dentons China routinely partakes in bankruptcy proceedings for companies while expertly handling commercial disputes. Her skill set and understanding of her sector make her a sought-after counselor for corporations navigating insolvency and commercial disputes.

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Yingmei Han

Yingmei Han of Tahota Law Firm stands out with her impressive role in assisting financial institutions with investment and asset management. Yingmei’s experience extends to handling capital markets and corporate M&A for large enterprises, indicating her firm grip on the financial aspect of corporate law.

Qiang Tu

Director of Canway Law Firm, Qiang Tu, specializes in dispute resolution. He brings his rich experience to the table, handling litigation in the areas of finance, real estate, and construction contracts with confidence and authority.

Kaixiang Zhang

Turning the spotlight on the corporate sector is Kaixiang Zhang of Tahota Law Firm, emerging as a stalwart with his expertise in the TMT sector. His skill set spans from handling capital market transactions to representing clients in litigation and restructuring cases.

Guolin Deng

Displaying considerable experience in handling a wide range of real estate issues for large domestic corporates, Guolin Deng of Zhong Lun Law Firm has made significant contributions to the framing of various pieces of legislation. His expertise and dedication to his field are an invaluable asset to his clients.

Hong Ni

Hong Ni, of Tahota Law Firm, is the counsel of choice in corporate, insolvency, and IP matters. Ni’s comprehensive expertise extends to real estate issues including project financing, land acquisition, and tax planning- making her an asset in diverse areas of business law.

Bo Shi

Bo Shi of Grandall Law Firm follows suit with his notable contribution to infrastructure construction and land development cases. His proficiency in M&A and dispute resolution further underpins his crucial role in the corporate law sector.

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Jun Luo

The founder and director of Chihkao Law Firm, Jun Luo, is especially noted for his capabilities in dispute resolution and bond issuances. His extensive background and accrued knowledge make him a reliable asset to his clientele.

Guopeng Li

Guopeng Li of W&H Law Firm (Chengdu), has cemented his place in the legal scene by advising corporates on a wide spectrum of commercial issues. His previous experience as an in-house counsel aids his advisory role on debt financings, specifically related to bond projects.

Ying Deng

At W&H Law Firm (Chengdu), Ying Deng is noteworthy for her advice on non-performance asset and corporate governance. Her work portfolio also extends to financing transactions, amplifying her versatility as a corporate lawyer.

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