Top 10 Colombian Public Law Influencers Dominating 2023 Legal Landscape

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Public Law in Colombia continues to grow rapidly and dynamically, marked by the notable work from distinguished lawyers in the field. They have managed to significantly shape the public law landscape with their experience, in-depth knowledge, and contributions to the legal domain. As we delve into the works of these exceptional individuals, it becomes evident that their accomplishments are instrumental in the prospering Public Law sector in Colombia.

Through this article, we are hoping to bring to you a comprehensive account of each of these fascinating lawyers, outlining their backgrounds and achievements. They encompass a wide range of attributes varying from vast experience to outstanding academic profiles, splendid services in highly complex processes, and influential roles in advising their clients on noteworthy public law mandates.

We have devoted individual sections to each of these lawyers, providing a detailed account of their backgrounds, their firms, experiences, and their significant contributions to Public Law. We hope that this article will provide you with a clearer scope of their work in the domain of Public Law in Colombia.

Rodrigo Pombo Cajiao

Rodrigo Pombo Cajiao is a partner at Pombo Caballero Abogados and has accrued commendable recognition for his practices in Public Law in Colombia. Clinets highly appreciate his vast understanding of the legal market and his ability to provide excellent responses to complex mandates promptly.

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Felipe De Vivero Arciniegas

Being an active player in the public law market, Felipe De Vivero Arciniegas of De Vivero & Asociados S.A. remains a well-respected figure in the Colombia public law sphere. He often assists the Colombian State on relevant mandates and is highly active in public tenders and the academic realm.

José Ignacio Leiva

José Ignacio Leiva of Castro Leiva Rendón is renowned for his expertise on contentious public law mandates. He has also engaged in non-contentious tasks such as public tenders in Colombia, where clients appreciate his vast experience, insightful knowledge, and see him as a business partner.

Camilo Ospina Bernal

With a documented record in the Colombian public law field, Camilo Ospina Bernal of OPEBSA – Pinzón, Bernal, Ospina, Bejarano, Espinosa, Méndez, is also recognized for his experience as former Minister of Defence. His key focus is on contentious public law work.

Gabriel Taboada

Representing Duran & Osorio, Abogados Asociados, Gabriel Taboada extends a comprehensive practice advising clients across contentious and non-contentious public law mandates. He frequently assists with administrative litigation, the restructuring of state-owned entities, and analyses the constitutional framework.

Weiner Ariza Moreno

With a profound presence in the public law market, Weiner Ariza Moreno runs a sole practitionership. His extensive academic profile is highly admired. Observers describe him as an active figure in the public law field, particularly in contentious matters, and a brilliant practitioner.

Carlos Medellín

Medellín & Durán Abogados’ co-head of the department, Carlos Medellín, takes the lead in providing timely services in complex processes related to public law projects.

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Ana María Ruan Perdomo

Ana María Ruan Perdomo of Ruan & Co Abogados is greatly revered in the public law field, especially in contentious matters. Her prominent role in advising clients on their public law mandates is highly valued.

Maria Lucia Amador

Part of Mendoza, Maria Lucia Amador earns praise for her activity in the Colombian legal market. Her commitment, responsibility, and profound knowledge in public law are highly esteemed.

Ricardo Hoyos Duque

Being a notable independent practitioner, Ricardo Hoyos Duque continues to be an outstanding figure in the public law space in Colombia. He is recognized for handling significant litigation cases in the public law area, having previously served as a magistrate of the Council of State.


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