Meet the 10 Most Influential Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Kent 2023

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In the realm of Private Wealth Law, there exist distinguished lawyers who specialize in the administration of estates and the execution of wills, estate planning and administration, tax matters, trusts, and other tasks pertinent to this complex discipline. Their expertise extends to handling the intricate affairs of high net worth individuals and families, providing invaluable guidance, and formulating practical strategies. Numerous lawyers excel in these aspects, but a few standout professionals in Kent deserve specific attention.

The importance of Private Wealth Law and the complexity of issues related to it cannot be underestimated. Each individual case calls for a unique approach as it encompasses the private wealth domain’s myriad aspects. Lawyers practicing in this particular sphere are expected to navigate their clients through a maze of legislative regulations, legal frameworks, and potential pitfalls. They provide light during what can often be a gray and uncertain time.

This article lists some of the finest lawyers in Kent who have demonstrated exemplary talent, dedication, and leadership in this specialized field of Private Wealth Law. Each of them has made waves in private client issues, tax matters, estate planning, and more. The information shared herein will help you gain more understanding about this subject and highlight the professionals you may want to consider for securing your private wealth.

Nicola Brant

Thomson Snell & Passmore

Highly proactive and knowledgeable, Nicola Brant is lauded for her ability to put clients at ease in challenging circumstances. Not only is she responsive, practical, and trusted, but her confidence and astuteness in dealing with cross-border matters are also widely recognized. Nicola’s dedication and nous have been instrumental in securing her a formidable reputation in the region.

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Bruce Clarke

Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP

Bruce Clarke, regarded as a very personable and knowledgeable lawyer, is commended for his pragmatic advice and his ability to consider the practical impact of his suggestions. Bruce has demonstrated a robust service ethos in advising high net worth clients on wills, estate planning, administration, and tax matters.

Alexandra Gordon

Brachers LLP

Providing a personal and sensitive service characterizes Alexandra Gordon’s professional approach. With a detailed understanding of estate planning, will making, trust creation, and estate administration, Alexandra conveys her profound knowledge with clients in a manner that instills confidence and facilitates effective decision making.

Mary Shaw

Warners Solicitors

Mary Shaw has won praise from her clients for being responsive, prompt, and particularly adept at advising on trusts. Her expertise in dealing with high net worth individuals and families makes her a respected professional in Private Wealth Law.

Elliot Lewis

Thackray Williams

Known for his strong technical skills, Elliot Lewis is universally recognized as an excellent partner in addressing complex estate and trust matters, expanding his professional footprint in the wealth law sector.

Kate Arnold


In the realm of estate planning, trusts, and tax matters, Kate Arnold is renowned for her promptness and effectiveness. Her propensity towards attentiveness and alertness to clients’ concerns accentuates her excellent service delivery.

Aaron Spencer

Furley Page Solicitors

Aaron Spencer, known for his expertise in advising clients with assets based abroad, boasts an impressive level of service. His ability to handle delicate legal issues with professionalism has earned him admiration in the industry.

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Paul Fairbairn


Paul Fairbairn is regarded as an outstanding lawyer based on his deep knowledge in estate planning and compassionate response. His ability to deftly manage complex situations with his analytical and user-friendly advice sets him apart in the industry.

Gail Hall

Warners Solicitors

Going beyond the assigned duties is a hallmark of Gail Hall’s service. She dutifully advises on wills and lasting powers of attorney, delivering a top-notch service that amplifies her commitment to the profession.

Philip Raggett

Warners Solicitors

Philip Raggett is often noted for his exceptional handling of complex situations and his ability to proffer straightforward solutions. His capacity to advise clients on a comprehensive range of trust, tax, and estate planning issues further emphasizes his position as a remarkable professional in the field of Private Wealth Law.

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