Top 10 Influential Environmental Lawyers Making a Difference in Chile 2023

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Chile, renowned for its diverse ecosystems and being a global leader in environmental protection, is home to a multitude of skilled environmental lawyers. These professionals bridge the gap between environmental conservation and commercial interests, advising on regulatory compliance, sustainable practices, dispute resolution, and the environmental impact of industrial projects. They play a critical role in shaping the environmental policies and practices of both domestic and international firms operating within Chile. This article shines a spotlight on some of the most noteworthy environment lawyers in Chile, highlighting their unique strengths and areas of expertise.

These talented advocates not only possess a deep understanding of environmental law and regulations but also excel in addressing complex, high-profile environmental issues related to various sectors such as energy, natural resources, and infrastructure. They draw on their vast experience, knowledge, and creativity to meet their clients’ interests, often surpassing traditional environmental compliance to incorporate sustainable business strategies and innovative solutions that balance economic, environmental, and social needs.

Recognised for their commitment, dexterity and impact in environmental law practice in Chile, the following attorneys are regarded as authorities within this industry, with their contributions both shaping and influencing Chilean environmental law.

Clemente Pérez

Clemente Pérez, a renowned lawyer at Guerrero Olivos, consistently advises clients on the environmental implications of high-profile energy projects. His many years of experience and a strong understanding of his clients’ problems make him stand out in the field of environmental law.

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Carola Salamanca

At FerradaNehme, Carola Salamanca has been recognized for her prowess in Chile’s environmental matters. Clients commend her commitment, flexibility, and easy-to-work-with attitude.

Paulina Riquelme

Paulina Riquelme, a top-notch practitioner at Eelaw, is lauded for her extensive environmental law expertise in Chile. Praised for her legal acumen and deep insight into broader strategic analyses, her dedication and organisational integration are highly valued.

José Luis Fuenzalida

At Vergara Galindo Correa Abogados, José Luis Fuenzalida is revered for his professional acumen and interpersonal skills in environmental law. His proactive approach in navigating environmental issues establishes him as a trusted advisor in the sector.

Juan José Eyzaguirre

Juan José Eyzaguirre is highly esteemed for his ability to handle significant environmental matters at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría. His long-standing career, authoritative guidance, and excellent interpersonal skills are factors highly esteemed by clients.

Rodrigo Benítez

At Schultz Carrasco Benítez, the acclaimed Rodrigo Benítez celebrates vast capabilities and practical knowledge in the environmental domain. Clients appreciate his insightful and proactive approach to providing well-grounded advice.

Matías Montoya

Up-and-coming lawyer, Matías Montoya at Barros & Errázuriz Abogados, has gained recognition for his client-oriented approach. Advising on environmental assessments, compliance and litigation, his devotion to the client earns him great admiration.

Javier Vergara Fisher

Javier Vergara Fisher of Vergara Galindo Correa Abogados, is a prominent lawyer in Chile known for handling complex environmental matters with a contentious component. His profound knowledge of environmental regulation and industry insight make him a preferred choice among clients.

Sebastián Avilés

At Moreno Sáez & Avilés Abogados, Sebastián Avilés is well regarded for his expert advice on environmental matters relating to energy projects. His knowledge, devotion and strategic advice distinguish him among his peers.

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Rodrigo Guzmán

Rodrigo Guzmán, a renowned lawyer at Guzmán, Toro y Ruiz Abogados, is recognized for his vision and key contribution in environmental law practice. His services are highly recommended by peers and clients alike.

In conclusion, these exceptional environment lawyers, with their diverse expertise and contributions, have set the bar high in Chile’s environmental legal sector. Their significant impact has well defined the future direction of this continually evolving landscape, proving instrumental in guiding Chile’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable growth.

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