Introducing Israel’s Top 10 Influential IT & Data Protection Lawyers 2023

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Today’s business landscape is increasingly intertwined with complex technology, making attention to IT and Data Protection vital. Countries like Israel have become global hubs for technological advancements, with a strong industry of lawyers specialized in IT and Data Protection emerging concurrently. In this article, we shall highlight some of the remarkable lawyers in Israel’s IT and Data Protection arena, delving into their contributions and the scope of their expertise.

It is crucial for players in this industry to understand the potential risks and legal parameters around everything from technology transfers and licensing agreements to privacy, cybersecurity, and data protection. Developing countries like Israel have shown incredible proficiency in these domains, owing to their innovative approaches and legal expertise.

The information age has posed new challenges that require dedicated specialists to navigate the legalities of IT and Data Protection. As important as technological innovation is to economic development, adhering to regulatory requirements is equally vital. Here are ten pioneering lawyers leading the way in Israel:

Haleli Barath

Co-Founder at BFP & Co., Haleli Barath is highly experienced in handling matters related to technology transfers, licensing agreements, and data privacy. She has built a strong reputation for her insightful consultation and her firm is highly regarded in the industry.

Eyal Roy Sage

Head of AYR’s media and telecoms department, Eyal Roy Sage is recognised for his competency in dealing with a wide range of telecommunications clients, helping them navigate through litigious and regulatory aspects of licensing, privacy, and data protection issues.

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Ella Tevet

Ella Tevet of Goldfarb Gross Seligman is often called upon to assist clients with licensing agreements and privacy matters due to her considerable knowledge and reliable expertise.

Ariel Yosefi

Ariel Yosefi, Co-head of Herzog Fox & Neeman’s technology and regulation group, often advises on data protection management and licensing agreements, safeguarding clients against potential legal pitfalls.

Haim Ravia

Haim Ravia, who leads Pearl Cohen’s cyber, data protection and privacy department, is a highly acclaimed lawyer in the privacy and cybersecurity spheres. He provides impeccable advice to leading financial institutions and defence corporations on data privacy matters.

Dalit Ben-Israel

Dalit Ben-Israel of Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co is particularly well known for her expertise in GDPR matters. Her vast knowledge also covers advising clients on cybersecurity.

Adi Gillat

Adi Gillat, founding partner of H-F & Co. Law Offices, assists clients with a broad range of matters including privacy and data protection, as well as licensing and distribution agreements. Her mastery in matters involving technology regulations is too, commendable.

David Mirchin

As the head of Meitar’s technology group, David Mirchin adeptly handles licensing agreements and data protection matters on behalf of startups and software providers, among others.

Dan Or-Hof

Dan Or-Hof stands out for his market-leading expertise in advising both emerging companies and established tech clients on a multitude of privacy and cybersecurity matters. His holistic advice and strategic approaches are greatly valued in the industry.

Omri Rachum-Twaig

Highly regarded lawyer, Omri Rachum-Twaig is celebrated for his expertise in advising national and international clients regarding privacy and data protection matters, primarily relating to information security.

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In conclusion, Israel continues being a rapidly growing hub for technology, with exceptional lawyers leading the way in IT and Data Protection. Their expertise ensures that innovation doesn’t compromise data privacy and other related matters — proving pivotal to the nation’s technological advancement.

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