Top 10 Game-Changing Insurance Lawyers Accelerating the Industry in Italy 2023

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Within Italy’s ever-evolving legal landscape, the significance of the insurance industry has never been more apparent. Aptly prepared to navigate these complex waters are the highly skilled lawyers specializing in this realm, providing their expertise in tackling litigation, regulatory, and policy issues, and diligently assisting both multinational corporations and domestic clients. This article illuminates the outstanding work of several such attorneys who stand as vanguards in Italy’s insurance industry.

The occupation of an insurance lawyer is varied and multifaceted, requiring insightful knowledge and experience in various areas of the law such as liability, damages, distribution claims, and policy structure. They must also thrive in the arena of litigation, providing legal representation for some of the world’s largest insurers. Their tasks may involve constructing and overseeing policy structures, interpreting the regulatory framework, and applying that knowledge in litigious cases.

It should be known that these adept professionals work in some of Italy’s most prestigious law firms, each having built a compelling reputation in the field of insurance law. While their specialized areas of expertise may differ, all have in common an unwavering dedication to their clients and a shared aptitude for resolving complex legal matters. Let’s delve into the minds behind these successful legal endeavors.

David Marino

Based at DLA Piper Italy, David Marino is an esteemed figure in insurance law known for advising on a range of matters. His tips on policy structuring and understanding the regulatory framework guide multinational insurance groups, who also rely on his expertise in litigious mandates.

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Matteo Cerretti

Matteo Cerretti, practicing at DWF, is another lawyer with a strong reputation. Cerretti specializes in liability, D&O and damage claims. His prowess in cross-border matters has also garnered him much respect in the industry.

Michele Zucca

Joining DAC Beachcroft Italia Società tra Avvocati a r.l. from Advant Nctm, Michele Zucca has a notable insurance practice centered around distribution claims. Renowned for his experience in dealing with regulatory matters, Zucca offers valuable counsel to both domestic and international clients.

Guido Foglia

Another recent addition to DAC Beachcroft Italia Società tra Avvocati a r.l., Guido Foglia is respected for his works with major insurers in relation to high-profile litigation. Along with his strong litigation practice, Foglia also advises on non-contentious insurance matters.

Alberto Monti

Coming from Studio Legale Monti, Alberto Monti stands out with his prolific expertise in D&O and PI-related issues. His proficiency in contentious mandates is also highly commended in the industry.

Giovanna Aucone

Giovanna Aucone from PG Legal has made a name for herself by adeptly handling contentious and non-contentious insurance matters. Her emphasis on insurance product structuring, financial line claims, and D&O cases is worthy of recognition.

Stefano Micheli

Known for his expertise in insurance matters concerning terminations, demergers, and reorganizations, Stefano Micheli is a prominent figure at BonelliErede. His proficiency also extends to advising on regulatory issues.

Laura Opilio

Laura Opilio, based in Rome at CMS, provides a wide range of insurance-related advice. She is especially skilled at dealing with matters concerning bankruptcy and damages and proves a vital asset in handling company insolvency mandates.

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Leonardo Giani

Leonardo Giani, working at Clyde & Co, handles a plethora of insurance litigation claims. In addition to his duties in litigation, Giani proves indispensable in advising on D&O, PI, and warranty and indemnity claims for international insurers.

Bruno Giuffré

A specialist in litigious matters at DLA Piper Italy, Bruno Giuffré focuses primarily on D&O disputes and professional liability. His counsel is particularly sought after by clients in the automotive sector.

As champions in their field of insurance law, these attorneys continue to build upon their legacies, providing exceptional service and attracting international recognition. Their drive, dedication, and legal acumen are setting a gold standard in the burgeoning field of insurance law in Italy.

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