Highlighting Norway’s Top 10 Influential Real Estate Lawyers in 2023

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Known for their understanding, expertise, and dedication in the field of real estate law, a handful of Norwegian attorneys have made a name for themselves both locally and internationally. Their expertise, spanning across real estate transactions, advises, acquisitions, sales, and fund structurings, has marked them as leaders of their field, continually steering their clients towards success. Here at Businesstoday.news, we provide a detailed outlook on these individuals who are shaping the real estate industry in Norway.

Real estate law can often be complex and multifaceted, necessitating the assistance of knowledgeable professionals who understand its intricacies. These lawyers have proven their ability to navigate complex transactions, assisting their clients in executing successful transactions and achieving their business objectives. Let’s take a closer look at some of these outstanding professionals in the realm of real estate law in Norway.

In no specific order, these attorneys have been selected for their outstanding contribution to the field of Real Estate, their expertise, and the significant results they have accomplished for their clients. We encourage readers to visit their websites, to gain further insights into their respective practices.

Andreas Rørvik

Firm: BAHR

As a highly regarded lawyer managing large-scale real estate investments and financing transactions, Andreas Rørvik represents primarily investors and developers in Norway. As part of BAHR, he provides an invaluable contribution to the firm and the industry.

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Nils Petter Hansson

Firm: Ro Sommernes Advokatfirma DA

Nils Petter Hansson is an active participant in real estate transactions, advising investors and corporations on sales and acquisitions. His dedication and expertise in the field have made him an essential figure in the industry.

Thomas Reppe Wetting

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS

Thomas Reppe Wetting is an exceptional practitioner with vast experience assisting with real estate fund structurings and portfolio transactions. His firm, Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS, is well-known in the Norwegian Real Estate industry, largely due to Wetting’s expertise.

Magnus Meisingset-Haug

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS

Magnus Meisingset-Haug advises clients on commercial real estate transactions, including offices, logistics assets, and retail properties. As part of Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS, he contributes significant value to the firm and its clients.

Line Ravlo-Losvik

Firm: Advokatfirma DLA Piper

Line Ravlo-Losvik assists with real estate transactions and joint ventures related to the acquisition and sale of portfolios, often with cross-border elements. She is also well placed to advise clients on development projects. She brings a fresh perspective to the field and continually proves her capabilities as a seasoned professional.

Lars Ulleberg Jensen

Firm: Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS

Lars Ulleberg Jensen is active in real estate transactions and divestments, including financing aspects. He also assists with fund structurings and joint ventures in the real estate industry. As part of Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS, Jensen adds a significant contribution to the firm and the industry as a whole.

Camilla Kristiansen Lunne

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Schjødt

Camilla Kristiansen Lunne is well regarded for her real estate practice. She has particular experience in development transactions as well as in portfolio investments. As a part of Advokatfirmaet Schjødt, Lunne’s contributions have had a noteworthy impact on shaping the firm’s real estate practice.

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Gøran Mjelde Aarvik

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig

Gøran Mjelde Aarvik operates from the firm’s Bergen office, acting on real estate transactions, development projects, and lease agreements. His exceptional knowledge and experience add significant value to Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig and its clientele.

Håvard Bergli

Firm: Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma AS

Håvard Bergli advises clients on the acquisition, sale and restructuring of properties and portfolios, advising funds, investors, and developers. Bergli’s sharp aptitude and passion for real estate law have earned him a rightful spot as an influential attorney in the industry.

Anders Utne

Firm: Advokatfirma Ræder AS

Anders Utne of Advokatfirma Ræder handles commercial real estate transactions. He is also well suited to advising clients on leasing issues. Utne’s contributions to the field of real estate law have been significant, impacting both the firm and the industry.

These lawyers have made a name for themselves through their dedication, skill and deep understanding of real estate law. They have not only contributed to the dynamic real estate industry in Norway but also to the global understanding of real estate law. Here at Businesstoday.news, we salute their contributions and look forward to their continuous success.

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