Unveiling Maine’s Top 10 Influential Energy and Natural Resources Lawyers, 2023

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Maine’s natural beauty and abundant resources have attracted a number of highly skilled Energy & Natural Resources lawyers. These legal professionals handle high-value transactions, represent utilities in energy generation and regulatory matters, and advise clients on energy legislation and regulatory changes. Whether it’s dealing with cross-border transactions, renewable energy development or regulatory compliance, these lawyers demonstrate an impressive set of skills and an unsurpassed understanding of the energy landscape. Enjoy the following insights on some of the most sought-after Energy & Natural Resources lawyers in the beautiful state of Maine.

Jared S. des Rosiers

Jared S. des Rosiers, a noted figure in the Energy & Natural Resources sector, is known for handling cross-border transactions. Jared is affiliated with Pierce Atwood LLP, a respected law firm. He has earned commendations for his deep understanding of the technical regulatory and policy landscape. This allows him to provide perfectly tailored advice to his clients. Pierce Atwood LLP is known for its dedicated team of lawyers who tirelessly work to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Kevin Decker

Kevin Decker, another valued professional in the field, offers his developer and utility clients top-notch advice on regulatory compliance and transactional due diligence. Known to provide a notable strength in the renewable energy space, Kevin stands proud at Bernstein Shur. Bernstein Shur, armed with a team of knowledgeable legal experts, is more than equipped to handle your Energy & Natural Resources needs.

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Joel Moser

Joel Moser of Bernstein Shur is recognized for his versatility in handling regulatory counsel work and advising clients on contractual disputes and tax matters. His understanding of the sector and the commitment to his clients has earned him his place among the top Energy & Natural Resources lawyers in Maine.

James Costello

James Costello, sought after for his expertise in the field, particularly his strength in utility regulatory matters, is a seasoned Energy & Natural Resources lawyer. Despite Curtis Thaxter LLC not having an official firm website, it’s their high-quality services that speak for their good reputation.

William Hewitt

As a former engineer, William Hewitt brings his analytical thinking to the fore at Roach Hewitt Ruprecht Sanchez & Bischoff, P.C. Praised for his excellent writing and easy-to-work-with demeanor, William has made a significant impact on the Energy & Natural Resources sector. Get to know more about their services at Roach Hewitt Ruprecht Sanchez & Bischoff, P.C.

James I. Cohen

Known for his priceless advice in energy legislation and regulatory changes, James I. Cohen is a paragon in the field. His affiliation with the law firm Verrill Dana, LLP further enhances his standing. You can visit Verrill Dana, LLP to learn more about their services.

Adam Cote

Adam Cote, the head of Drummond Woodsum’s energy and utilities team, aids clients with solar, thermal and other renewables-related work. Be it a legal issue or need for expert advice, Drummond Woodsum is a perfect choice. Check out the firm’s work at Drummond Woodsum.

Amy Olfene

Amy Olfene, a proud member of Drummond Woodsum, is well known for her work on the New England Clean Energy Connect. Her intelligence and practical approach have made her an asset in the field.

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William Ferdinand

At Eaton Peabody, you will find William Ferdinand, who tends to his energy sector clients by handling regulatory matters and legislative practices. Learn more about their offerings at Eaton Peabody.

Anthony Buxton

Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP boasts of Anthony Buxton, chair of their energy and utilities group. Known for his thoroughness and brilliant arguments, Mr. Buxton brings unrivaled expertise to the firm. Discover more about them at Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP.

In conclusion, Maine is fortunate to have this array of talent in the Energy & Natural Resources sector. The skills, knowledge, and dedication of these lawyers make them a valuable asset not only to their firms but also to the legal landscape and their clients.

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