Exposed: Shocking Revelations About Employees Faking Sick Leave to Watch Football – Is Your Industry Guilty?

A Comprehensive Analysis of Workplace Attendance Trends Reveals Startling Insights into Employees' Dedication to Football and Career Priorities

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Key Takeaways:

  • A staggering 64% of employees in the Admin & HR sector have been caught lying to their bosses about being sick to watch football matches.
  • Across various industries, including Advertising & Media, Legal, and IT & Security, a significant percentage of employees have called in sick to enjoy a football game, highlighting the widespread impact of sporting events on workplace attendance.
  • Newcastle United fans top the list of most committed football supporters, with an average of 4.8 sick days taken per fan to attend or watch games, raising questions about the balance between work and sports fandom.

Unveiling Workplace Habits: A recent study conducted by Live Football Tickets has shed light on the intricate relationship between sporting events and workplace attendance, revealing startling insights into employees’ behaviors when it comes to balancing their passion for football with professional responsibilities. With findings indicating widespread instances of employees faking sick leave to catch a game, the study has sparked discussions about the impact of sporting events on workforce productivity and employer-employee trust dynamics.

Admin & HR Sector: Caught in the Act: Among the industries surveyed, employees in the Admin & HR sector emerged as particularly susceptible to the allure of football matches during work hours. Shockingly, 64% of respondents admitted to being caught lying to their bosses about being sick to watch football games, underscoring the prevalence of this phenomenon within the industry.

David Phillips from Live Football Tickets comments on the findings, stating, “Almost a quarter (24%) had invented an excuse to leave work early to view a game, whilst 13% revealed they had skipped work entirely to attend a football match, the least common habit in this industry.”

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Industries at Risk: Ranking Workplace Attendance Habits: The study’s findings also revealed a hierarchical pattern among industries regarding employees’ tendencies to call in sick for football-related reasons. The Advertising & Media sector topped the list, with 29% of employees admitting to calling in sick to watch football matches, closely followed by Legal (28%) and IT & Security (26%).

Additionally, the study highlighted the top 10 industries guilty of calling in sick to watch football games, with Admin & HR ranking fifth on the list. These insights offer valuable insights into the prevalence of football-related absenteeism across various sectors and its potential implications for workplace dynamics.

Football Fandom: The Ultimate Sacrifice?: Delving deeper into football fandom, the study examined the allegiance of fans to their respective clubs and the lengths they are willing to go to attend or watch games. Surprisingly, Newcastle United fans emerged as the most committed, with each fan averaging 4.8 sick days taken per season to catch a game.

However, the study also revealed the risks associated with faking sick leave, as a significant percentage of fans admitted to being caught by their employers. Despite Newcastle United fans being the most likely to pull a “sickie,” only 36% of them were found out, contrasting sharply with Crystal Palace fans, of whom two-thirds (66%) have been caught calling in sick by their bosses.

Methodology and Implications: The study, conducted by Live Football Tickets, surveyed 2,000 Brits to uncover insights into fans’ dedication to football and their career priorities. By merging industries with limited responses to create a higher average, the study offers a comprehensive analysis of workplace attendance trends in relation to football fandom.

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These findings have significant implications for employers, highlighting the need for effective workforce management strategies during major sporting events. As the Euro 2024 tournament approaches, employers may need to implement proactive measures to mitigate the impact of football-related absenteeism on productivity and workplace morale.

To view the full dataset, please find it here.


  1. Live Football Tickets conducted a survey to investigate the phenomenon of employees faking sick leave to attend or watch football games.
  2. A sample of 2,000 Brits was surveyed to gather insights into fans’ behaviors and preferences.
  3. Industries with limited responses were combined to ensure a representative sample.
  4. Data was collected in March 2024 and reflects the state of affairs at that time.

About Live Football Tickets:
Live Football Tickets is a leading provider of football tickets for matches across various leagues and tournaments. The organization aims to offer fans convenient access to live football experiences while providing valuable insights into fan behavior and preferences. To learn more, visit Live Football Tickets.

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