Unveiling Scotland’s Banking Litigation Stars – Exploring the Expertise of Legal Mavericks

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Within Scotland’s legal landscape, a group of exceptional lawyers specializing in banking litigation has emerged, reshaping the way financial disputes are resolved. These legal mavericks possess a deep understanding of the banking and financial services sector, offering invaluable expertise in complex commercial disputes. In this article, we delve into the profiles of some of Scotland’s most interesting and accomplished banking litigation lawyers, representing diverse firms. From their proficiency in handling contractual issues and shareholder disputes to their adeptness in navigating restructuring and insolvency proceedings, these legal trailblazers play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of financial institutions and driving the evolution of banking law.

Iain Rutherford – Brodies LLP

Iain Rutherford, a prominent lawyer at Brodies LLP, is widely recognized for his expertise in banking litigation, particularly in contested contracts and corporate agreements. With a specialization in the financial services sector, Iain advises clients on a wide range of commercial disputes, providing strategic guidance in resolving complex legal matters. Website: Brodies LLP

Joyce Cullen – Brodies LLP

Joyce Cullen, a highly esteemed litigator at Brodies LLP, brings substantial experience in commercial disputes and banking litigation. As a qualified solicitor advocate, she offers comprehensive expertise in handling complex legal cases. Joyce’s deep understanding of the banking and financial services sector strengthens her ability to provide strategic and effective representation for clients. Website: Brodies LLP

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Colin Hutton – CMS

Colin Hutton, the head of the CMS disputes team in Scotland, is a seasoned lawyer with extensive experience in civil litigation. His practice encompasses a broad range of banking litigation, including shareholder disputes, breach of warranty claims, and contractual issues. With his comprehensive knowledge of the legal landscape, Colin provides valuable guidance to clients facing complex banking disputes. Website: CMS

Sophia Harrison – Burness Paull

Sophia Harrison, a partner at Burness Paull, is a distinguished litigator with notable expertise in banking disputes arising from restructuring and insolvency proceedings. As a qualified English barrister, Sophia offers a unique perspective to clients and excels in handling complex financial cases. Her skillful representation and strategic advice are invaluable in resolving intricate banking litigation matters. Website: Burness Paull

Iain McDougall – MBM Commercial LLP

Iain McDougall, an experienced associate at MBM Commercial LLP, specializes in complex contentious mandates for well-known financial institutions. With his in-depth understanding of the finance space, Iain provides comprehensive advice and representation in banking litigation cases. His dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for his clients sets him apart as a skilled banking litigator. Website: MBM Commercial LLP

Lynsey Walker – Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Lynsey Walker, the head of finance litigation at Addleshaw Goddard LLP, is renowned for her expertise in a wide range of banking and financial disputes. With a focus on claims for fraud and issues arising from insolvency proceedings, Lynsey offers strategic guidance and effective representation to clients. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the banking sector make her an invaluable asset to her clients. Website: Addleshaw Goddard LLP

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Andrew Foyle – Shoosmiths LLP

Andrew Foyle, the joint head of the Scottish litigation practice at Shoosmiths LLP, is a solicitor advocate with vast experience in handling financial disputes. His areas of expertise include banking fraud, debt recovery, and mis-selling claims. Andrew’s commitment to delivering exceptional client service and his strategic approach to litigation make him a sought-after banking litigation lawyer. Website: Shoosmiths LLP

Stuart Murdoch – DLA Piper Scotland LLP

Stuart Murdoch leads DLA Piper Scotland LLP’s financial services litigation department. As a solicitor advocate, he possesses valuable experience in handling FCA and fraud investigations, as well as mis-selling claims. Stuart’s deep knowledge of financial regulations and his ability to navigate complex legal frameworks make him a formidable force in banking litigation. Website: DLA Piper Scotland LLP

Catriona MacLean – BTO Solicitors LLP

Catriona MacLean, the head of dispute resolution at BTO Solicitors LLP, is a skilled litigator with a primary focus on contentious financial matters. She represents claimants in cases involving contract breaches, insolvency disputes, and banking fraud. Catriona’s expertise as a litigator and qualified mediator sets her apart in effectively resolving complex banking litigation issues. Website: BTO Solicitors LLP

Joanne Gillies – Pinsent Masons LLP

Joanne Gillies, a dual-qualified solicitor advocate at Pinsent Masons LLP, brings extensive experience in managing a broad spectrum of banking disputes and litigation within the financial sector. Her particular strength lies in handling matters concerning insolvency issues and fraud. Joanne’s strategic approach and deep legal knowledge make her an invaluable asset to her clients. Website: Pinsent Masons LLP


These exceptional lawyers, each with their unique expertise and accomplishments, have significantly contributed to the field of banking litigation in Scotland. With their deep understanding of the banking and financial services sector, strategic acumen, and commitment to their clients, they continue to shape the landscape of banking law and set new standards for legal excellence. Whether it’s handling complex contractual disputes, providing strategic advice during insolvency proceedings, or navigating the intricacies of banking fraud cases, these legal mavericks exemplify the best in the field of banking litigation in Scotland.

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