Chile’s Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Lawyers in 2023 Unveiled

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Chile’s real estate market has been experiencing significant growth over the years, contributing to an economic boom in the country. The industry’s success has led to increased demand for professional legal services, particularly when it comes to navigating complex real estate transactions, projects, and dispute resolutions. There are numerous standout figures in the field providing excellent legal services, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic real estate industry in Chile. In this context, we have prepared an overview of some of the most interesting real estate lawyers in Chile, providing not only exceptional legal services, but also significantly influencing the local industry.

Each lawyer on this list has achieved recognition for their expertise in the real estate sector, possessing a distinct understanding of the complexities involved in managing property transactions, risk management, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution. Their experience encompasses a wide range of matters within the field, including leasing, acquisition, project development, and litigation. These legal minds’ work and achievements are testaments to their commitment towards their clients and the entire real estate industry in Chile.

The list that follows highlights some of Chile’s top-tier real estate lawyers, alongside their firms and what makes them influential and outstanding in their respective fields. Their skills, experience, and client testimonials attest to their proficiency and professionalism, establishing them as leading figures within the Chilean real estate law sector.

Juan Pablo Stitchkin

Carey is the firm where Juan Pablo Stitchkin serves as the department head. With a reputation for being versed in construction contracts, he maintains a deep understanding of the market needs and reactions. Clients highlight Juan Pablo’s leadership skills, ability for strategic thinking, and prompt understanding of business needs.

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Marcela Horzella

Marcela Horzella, an associate at Barros, Silva, Varela & Vigil, predominantly services renowned real estate developers and investment funds in Chile. Clients applaud her service approaches, including her upbeat attitude, commercial, and strategic recommendations.

Ignacio Bolelli

The distinguishable Ignacio Bolelli is a part of MBC Abogados. His competence in executing purchase and lease agreements in Chilean real estate field is remarkable. Clients speak highly of Ignacio’s insights linked to the commercial nature of businesses.

José Tagle

Practitioner José Tagle of Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría is well-reckoned for his high-level real estate expertise in Chile. Clients underline José’s strategic negotiation skills, keen marketplace understanding, leadership abilities, and reliability in handling unexpected situations.

Martín Santa María

Martín Santa María, a highly-acclaimed attorney part of Guerrero Olivos, asserts his reputation in urban planning and the regulatory landscape of Chilean real estate. Clients celebrate Martín’s problem-solving, attention to detail, industry expertise, along with his strategic and leadership attributes.

Juan Rafael Arnaiz

Juan Rafael Arnaiz is based in Santiago and is a distinguished part of De Iruarrizaga, Arnaiz y Cía. His expertise in real estate development and the construction of houses and offices is well-renowned.

Patricio Solórzano

Coholding the department at Barros & Errázuriz Abogados, Patricio Solórzano is prominent for aiding clients with real estate M&A, real estate development financing, and structuring real estate funds in Chile. Clients commend Patricio’s excellent legal services and describe him as a true business partner.

Juan Eduardo Troncoso Cruz

Juan Eduardo Troncoso Cruz at Fontaine & Cía. Abogados is frequently engaged for his extensive knowledge on various real estate financial matters, including mortgages and leasing operations. Clients praise his comprehensive advice, paired with commercial insights.

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Gonzalo Errázuriz Herrera

Based in Santiago, partner Gonzalo Errázuriz Herrera of Urenda, Rencoret, Orrego & Dörr advises clients on a range of real estate mandates, including project development and financing. Clients appreciate Gonzalo’s strong involvement in matters.

Juan Eduardo Figueroa Valdés

With an extensive track record and excellent reputation, Juan Eduardo Figueroa Valdés at Figueroa Illanes, Huidobro, Salamanca Abogados continues to be respected for his real estate expertise in Chile. Clients recognize him as an accomplished academic with exceptional competence in the sector.

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