2023’s Top 10 Influential Banking and Finance Lawyers in Chile Unveiled

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In the highly competitive and constantly evolving Banking & Finance industry in Chile, there are some lawyers who consistently make their mark due to their exceptional legal talents, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the industry and its trends. This article will showcase these select practitioners and delve into their key contributions. The focus will be on a diverse pool of lawyers, each of whom is an expert in their respective field and has done commendable work in their respective firms.

These lawyers come with extensive experience, a deep understanding of the banking and finance world, the ability to identify and understand new industry trends, creative problem-solving skills, and a genuine inclination towards client satisfaction. This list includes industry veterans who have spent all parts of their career in this segment, as well as rising stars who have already made significant contributions to their firms and the industry at large.

The highlights of this article are the unique characteristics of each lawyer, including individual highlights of their practice, wide industry recognition, and the increasing influence of their substantial work within the banking and finance legal landscape in Chile.

Marcelo Armas

Marcelo Armas, a leading practitioner at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, offers longstanding experience in the Chilean banking and finance sphere. Interviewees praise his attention to detail and level of sophistication, making him an ideal partner for highly complex structures. His ability to understand new industry trends and suggest creative solutions further demonstrates his expertise.

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Myriam Barahona

Myriam Barahona from Morales & Besa leads on the firm’s most prominent mandates, such as debt refinancing, syndicated loans and VAT credit facilities. She receives stellar reviews for her multi-area legal knowledge, and her vast experience instills trust and confidence in her clients.

Raúl Marshall

Raúl Marshall of Baraona Marshall & Cia leads the firm’s banking and finance team. He specializes in corporate finance matters within the Chilean market and is appreciated for his commitment, knowledge and ability.

Diego Garay

Diego Garay, a partner at Larrain y Asociados Abogados, specializes in the structuring of syndicated loans and non-revolving credit facilities. Market observers speak highly of his dedication and experience, which ensures a smooth financial closure.

Francisco de la Barra

Francisco de la Barra leads the department at Barros & Errázuriz Abogados. He enjoys a solid reputation in the banking and finance field, especially in the context of cross-border financing mandates, with a focus on syndicated loans and structured finance. His excellent deliverables and leadership are commendable.

Fernando Noriega

Fernando Noriega, a partner at Carey, focuses his practice on banking law, corporate lending transactions and project financing. Observers laud his strong commercial awareness and practical solutions.

Miguel Coddou Astrain

Miguel Coddou Astrain jointly leads the banking and finance department at Guerrero Olivos. He represents international lenders in syndicated loans and project finance in Chile, and is greatly admired for his advice and availability.

Daniel Parodi

Daniel Parodi, an Associate-to-watch at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, is recognized for his banking and finance expertise in Chile. Clients appreciate his talent and experience and value his excellent legal support.

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Felipe Moro

Felipe Moro, a partner at Carey, focuses his practice on lending transactions, project financing, structured products and derivative transactions. He is highly valued for his experience in the financing of energy projects and is praised for his effectiveness in complex contract negotiations.

Juan Antonio Parodi

Juan Antonio Parodi from Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos is lauded for his work in banking and financial transactions in Chile, including project finance. He is appreciated for his ability to pragmatically handle complex legal matters with a clear understanding of his clients’ commercial interests.

Featuring a dynamic mix of leading practitioners and emerging talents, these legal professionals are shaping the future of banking and finance law in Chile. By continuously delivering exceptional services, these lawyers are raising standards in the industry and setting an example of excellence.

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