1000Farmacie Secures $25 Million in Series A Funding, with an Additional $10 Million in Second Tranche Extension

Leading Italian Pharmacy Marketplace Poised to Revolutionize the Pharmaceutical Industry with Investor Backing

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1000Farmacie, the leading Italian pharmacy marketplace, announced today the successful completion of its second tranche of Series A funding, raising a total of $25 million. The company secured an additional $10 million in the extension round, highlighting investor confidence and further accelerating the company’s mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Investor Confidence and Growth Potential

Prominent investors such as GG 1978, P101, with its funds P102 and ITA 500 – Azimut, HBM Healthcare Investments, LIFTT, IAG, Club degli Investitori, Healthware Ventures, and Feel Venture enthusiastically participated in the funding round, underscoring their belief in 1000Farmacie’s disruptive vision and potential for growth. Founded by Nicolo Petrone (CEO), Mohamed Younes (COO), and Alberto Marchetti (CMO) in 2020, 1000Farmacie has now over 500,000 active clients and annualized sales of over 55M USD, becoming one of the key industry players.

Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Landscape

A key focus of 1000Farmacie’s expansion strategy is the Italian prescription (RX) market, particularly the provision of an innovative home delivery service tailored to chronic patients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company aims to enhance accessibility, convenience, and patient care in the sector.

“With this second tranche of Series A funding, 1000Farmacie is well-positioned to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical services are delivered in Italy,” said Nicolo Petrone. “We are committed to leveraging our innovative home delivery service to empower chronic patients with convenient access to their prescriptions, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.”

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Strategic Alliances and Growth Trajectory

1000Farmacie’s innovative approach has already garnered recognition within the industry, with notable partnerships and collaborations on the horizon. The company remains committed to forging strategic alliances to enhance its service offering and accelerate its growth trajectory and path to profitability.

About 1000Farmacie

1000Farmacie is the leading Italian e-pharmacy marketplace founded in 2020. By combining over 80 independent pharmacies, 1000farmacie offers consumers the widest possible catalog and the most convenient basket price. Also, via its pharmacy network, 1000farmacie can deliver in the same day / next day all across Italy.

The successful completion of the Series A funding round is a significant milestone for 1000Farmacie. The influx of $25 million in funding, including the additional $10 million from the extension round, showcases strong investor support and belief in the company’s vision and potential for transforming the pharmaceutical industry in Italy.

1000Farmacie’s rise to prominence as the leading Italian e-pharmacy marketplace is a testament to its innovative approach and dedication to providing exceptional services to consumers. Founded just three years ago, the company has amassed an impressive base of over 500,000 active clients and recorded annualized sales exceeding $55 million.

The success of 1000Farmacie can be attributed to its strategic focus on the Italian prescription (RX) market and its unique offering of an innovative home delivery service tailored to chronic patients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, 1000Farmacie aims to make pharmaceutical services more accessible, convenient, and patient-centric.

The second tranche of Series A funding, which secured an additional $10 million, has further bolstered 1000Farmacie’s position in the market. The participation of prominent investors, including GG 1978, P101, ITA 500 – Azimut, HBM Healthcare Investments, LIFTT, IAG, Club degli Investitori, Healthware Ventures, and Feel Venture, highlights their confidence in the company’s disruptive vision and potential for exponential growth.

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Looking ahead, 1000Farmacie plans to capitalize on its recent success by forming strategic partnerships and collaborations within the industry. By doing so, the company aims to enhance its service offerings and expedite its trajectory towards profitability.

The Italian e-pharmacy marketplace’s commitment to revolutionizing pharmaceutical services has garnered significant attention within the industry, with potential for even greater achievements on the horizon. As 1000Farmacie continues to empower chronic patients through its innovative home delivery service, the company’s reputation as a key player in the pharmaceutical sector is set to strengthen further. With a clear vision, strong investor backing, and a dedicated team, 1000Farmacie is well-positioned to lead the way in transforming the pharmaceutical landscape in Italy and beyond.

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