Hair-Raising Breakthrough: New Treatment Promises to Grow More than Hope

A revolutionary biotech breakthrough aims to combat alopecia with a pioneering topical treatment that kindles new hair growth via immune modulation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A novel, non-systemic treatment strategy that tackles both hormone-induced androgenetic alopecia and autoimmune-mediated alopecia areata has been introduced.
  • Immune-modulating soluble CD83 protein (sCD83), the star of this revolutionary treatment, induces new hair growth and follicles.
  • Promising preclinical and ex vivo human data were presented at the European Hair Research Society (EHRS) meeting, highlighting the potential of sCD83 in addressing hair loss.

The Promise of sCD83

For centuries, the hunt for a definitive solution to hair loss, a condition affecting more than half the male population and 50% of postmenopausal women globally, has been relentless and often, unrewarding. Alopecia, either hormone-induced or autoimmune-mediated, has remained a tenacious adversary for researchers.

Emerging from this battle, a new contender has arrived with immense promise – the immune-modulating soluble CD83 protein (sCD83), a non-systemic treatment that offers a double-barreled approach towards inducing new hair growth and maintaining the lifecycle of existing hair.

An Unprecedented Dual Action Mechanism

The discovery of sCD83’s dual-mode action marks an exciting breakthrough in alopecia research. First, sCD83 promotes an anti-inflammatory environment around the hair follicle through the engagement of regulatory T cells (Tregs), which interact with follicular stem cells, sparking hair growth.

Second, sCD83 directly binds to follicular stem cells, fostering the formation of new hair follicles. It doesn’t merely prevent hair loss and hasten growth like current topical treatments, but it also instigates the growth of new hair, making it a potent contender in the alopecia treatment sphere.

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The Journey from Discovery to Potential Treatment

Leading the path towards harnessing sCD83’s potential are the esteemed founders of Mallia Therapeutics: Prof. Dr. Alexander Steinkasserer, a renowned expert in CD83 biology who unearthed sCD83 as a critical immune modulator, and biotech maven Dr. Manfred Groeppel.

Since the identification of sCD83, the pair have been diligently investigating its regulatory function within the immune system. The discovery of sCD83’s potential in activating new hair follicle formation and promoting hair growth brings fresh hope to those grappling with hair loss, a condition that can severely impact mental well-being and trigger anxiety or depression.

Encouraging Early Results

Data from a preclinical androgenetic hair loss model, presented at the EHRS Conference by Dr. Dmytro Royzman, the co-founder and CSO of Mallia Therapeutics, demonstrated that sCD83 accelerates the hair growing phase and initiates new hair growth. Moreover, human ex vivo studies showed that sCD83 treatment prolonged the growing phase of human hair and induced growth-associated pathways. The application of sCD83 also led to the expansion of a stem cell population within the human hair follicles, which further emphasizes its immense potential in hair loss treatment.

Securing Seed Funding and Future Aspirations

Having successfully secured its seed funding, Mallia Therapeutics is set to continue its preclinical research. The company aims to swiftly move towards Series A funding following the seed round’s completion. With their inclusion in the upcoming Munich Life Science Pitch Day, organized by the High-Tech Gründerfonds, they anticipate attracting further investments to bolster their research and potentially fast-track the clinical trials, with hopes of treating patients within the next two years.

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About Mallia Therapeutics GmbH

Mallia Therapeutics GmbH, founded in 2023 in Erlangen, Germany, is a biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to developing groundbreaking treatments for patients suffering from hair loss. Guided by an experienced management team and worldwide leading experts in the field of CD83, the company plans to enter the multi-billion-dollar alopecia market, offering a safe and effective topical treatment with sCD83.

Ultimately, Mallia Therapeutics’ research signifies a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with hair loss. The company’s diligent pursuit of a solution might just revolutionize how we perceive and treat alopecia, forever changing the face – or rather, the head – of hair loss treatments.

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