Unveiling Top 10 Shipping Lawyers Steering China’s Maritime Legal Landscape in 2023

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The Oriental pearl, China, has been long recognized for its great maritime traditions that can be traced back to the grand exploration of the world by the Ming Dynasty’s navy. Today, shipping remains an important sector, reflecting the country’s economic prowess in international trade. As a result, the intricacies of the shipping legal framework are best navigated with the help of expert lawyers. Here, we take a look at ten renowned Shipping: Eastern China (PRC Firms) lawyers and attorneys based in China, who have distinguished themselves through their expertise, experience, and contributions to the field of shipping law.

The listed attorneys currently advise various clients, including Protection & Indemnity (P&I) clubs and shipping companies. Their practices range from advisory on contentious and non-contentious matters to handling legal disputes related to ship collisions, cargo damage, bill of lading disputes as well as maritime law, insurance, and finance. The lawyers are based in various cities across Eastern China, including Shanghai and Hubei, reinforcing the critical role that this region plays in China’s maritime economy.

These lawyers have extensive experience in litigation, arbitration, and their respective specialized areas. While some are noted for their contribution to the legislation of marine law, others are recognized for their expertise in shipping regulations, and maritime casualties. The collection of distinctive skills and competencies that these attorneys bring to the table highlights the intricate and complex nature of legal matters in the shipping industry.

Xiangyong Chen

Link: Wang Jing & Co
Chen Xiangyong is a managing partner at Wang Jing & Co. Renowned for his expertise in maritime practice, he advises top P&I clubs and shipping companies on both contentious and non-contentious matters. His clients highly appreciate him for his profound knowledge of the shipping industry.

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Min Lu

Link: Rolmax Law Office
Min Lu holds a pre-eminent position in the shipping sphere, well-respected for her deep understanding of charterparty issues, cargo claims, and financings. Her robust experience in litigation and arbitration makes her a highly-recommended attorney in this field.

Dongsheng Xiao

Link: Yingke Law Firm
Based out of the Wuhan office, Dongsheng Xiao advises clients on various disputes involving ship collisions, cargo damage, and insurance claims. Additionally, his strong experience in handling transportation and shipbuilding contracts sets him apart.

Patrick Xu

Patrick Xu, of Wintell & Co, assists international P&I clubs and insurance companies on a broad spectrum of matters. He brings deep expertise in addressing disputes, with particular emphasis on complex issues such as oil leakage, collision, and pollution.

Hongyu Wang

Hongyu Wang of Heng Xin Law Office adeptly manages maritime disputes from collision to charterparty cases. Operating from the Shanghai office, he is regularly consulted by shipowners, P&I clubs, and charterers.

Changguo Liu

Hua Jun & Co.’s Changguo Liu, based in Hubei, continues to be prominent in shipping law. His extensive practice comprises admiralty law, insurance, and finance, tying in with his commendable litigation abilities.

Wengui Yang

Link: Hai Tong & Partners
Working out of Hai Tong’s Shanghai office, Wengui Yang is a respected practitioner known for his significant contributions to the legislation of marine law. He specializes in matters related to marine transportation while advising on major accidents and other shipping disputes.

James Hu

Link: Wintell & Co
James Hu has built a formidable practice and is highly respected for his work in shipping regulations. Proficient in both wet and dry issues, he expertly handles marine casualties, cargo transport, and ship-building claims.

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Henry Lee

Link: Sloma & Co
Henry Lee practices extensively, representing ship-owners, insurers, and banks on varied maritime matters. He boasts experience in both dry and wet shipping issues, covering subjects related to collision, personal injury, and shipbuilding.

Fang Cao

Link: AllBright Law Offices
Heading the maritime law practice at the AllBright Law Offices, Cao Fang advises clients on an array of issues, notably bill of lading and contract disputes.

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