Unveiling 10 Most Influential Telecommunications Lawyers in Brazil’s 2023 Scene

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In Brazil, the telecommunications industry is extensively regulated and complex. This is why the role of telecommunications lawyers in this field entails a highly specialized application of laws, rules, and regulations. These legal professionals guide telecommunications companies on a diverse range of matters, including regulatory matters, disputes, mergers, and acquisitions, among others. In this article, we showcase some of the interesting lawyers working in the telecommunications industry in Brazil and how their expertise is shaping the industry.

The role of a telecommunications lawyer is multifaceted. They ensure that their clients are in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the telecommunications industry. This often involves legal representation before regulatory bodies, participation in licensing processes, advising on legal aspects of innovative projects, among other responsibilities. We explore the profiles of some of these telecommunications lawyers who are making significant contributions to the industry in Brazil.

It is essential to note that their contributions go beyond providing legal advice and representation. They also impact the direction of the industry by influencing regulatory reforms and guiding the implementation of cutting-edge telecommunications technologies. Here are some notable lawyers in this field whose expertise is critical to shaping the Brazilian telecommunications sector.

Mateus Piva Adami

Mateus Piva Adami is an up-and-coming partner at the firm Pereira Neto | Macedo. He has recently come to prominence in the field of public law, particularly active in key disputes. Adami is recognized for his precision and ability to provide guidance throughout the complex public acquisition procedures.

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Thays Gentil

Mattos Filho is the firm where Thays Gentil serves as an Associate. Thays has significantly impressed her clients who praise her for her extensive support and broad knowledge that transcends telecommunications into areas of technology and media. Gentil focuses on the TMT industry, notably on telecommunications regulations, internet, and data protection.

Ana Claudia Beppu dos Santos Oliveira

Ana Claudia Beppu dos Santos Oliveira, a lawyer at Veirano Advogados, advises clients on a variety of issues, including regulatory matters before Anatel. Clients tellingly state that she has an in-depth knowledge of the telecom sector.

Tomás Filipe Schoeller Paiva

Tomás Filipe Schoeller Paiva of Demarest Advogados is known for his vast experience in telecommunications regulation, new technologies, media, and data protection. He’s recognised as having strong knowledge in civil litigation and Anatel processes.

Silvia Melchior

Founding partner Silvia Melchior of Melchior Micheletti Amendoeira works on a range of telecommunications-related matters. with commendation for being an excellent lawyer with extensive knowledge of the sector.

Ticiane Moraes Franco

Ticiane Moraes Franco, from the firm Rolim, Viotti, Goulart, Cardoso Advogados, is known for her handling of administrative proceedings before regulatory bodies and Anatel disputes. She is commended for her availability and in-depth knowledge about administrative proceedings.

Elinor Cotait

Another prominent professional from Veirano Advogados, Elinor Cotait, is noted for her handling of regulatory matters. She is seen as a reference in the subject by clients.

Beatriz Faustino França Mori

Up-and-coming partner Beatriz Faustino França Mori, also from Veirano Advogados, is active in administrative and regulatory law matters. Clients appreciate her timeliness, expertise, and understanding of their business plans.

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Karen Coutinho

Karen Coutinho from Lefosse Advogados, focuses her practice on advising clients on regulatory matters. As per client reviews, she is noted for her precision in executing her tasks.

Milene Louise Renée Coscione

At Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedade de Advogados, Milene Louise Renée Coscione advises clients on matters such as 5G bids. Clients appreciate her consistent availability, knowledge, agility, and ability to propose new solutions.

These professionals underscore the importance of legal expertise in navigating the labyrinthine regulatory landscape of the telecommunications industry. Their work helps ensure that telecommunications services in Brazil continue to function, innovate, and grow in compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations.

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