Unlocking the Untapped: A £1.4m Boost to Power London’s Most Overlooked Entrepreneurs!

Revolutionizing the London Startup Scene Through Diversity and Inclusion

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Key Takeaways:

  • A transformative two-year program backed by £1.4m from the UK Government is set to uplift underserved London founders.
  • Amplify Venture, the brainchild of a collaborative initiative, targets diverse businesses hit hardest by the pandemic.
  • A myriad of tailored programmes and resources await founders, focusing on finance, support, contracts, and networking.

Rising from the Ashes of the Pandemic

The cataclysmic impact of COVID-19 on the London business landscape left scars, especially in marginalized communities. Amid the rubble, Amplify Venture emerges as a beacon of hope, targeting entrepreneurs at the heart of the city’s vibrancy, yet often sidelined in the grand business narrative.

A Collective Vision for Inclusive Prosperity

The potent collaboration between Capital Enterprise, OneTech, Foundervine, and Startup Discovery School materialized the Amplify Venture programme. By pooling their expertise and resources, they are set to provide an unparalleled support system for London’s most resilient and deserving business minds.

In the words of Emma Obanye, CEO of OneTech, the initiative is more than just business support; it’s about “driving and amplifying a movement” that champions the underrepresented.

Addressing a Dire Need

With stark statistics revealing the glaring gaps in venture capital investments for all-female founder teams and all ethnic minority teams, Amplify Venture comes as a much-needed respite. Izzy Obeng, CEO of Foundervine, highlights the core ethos, “Innovation thrives on diverse perspectives,” emphasizing the need to elevate voices that have been drowned out for decades.

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Programmes Tailored for Success

The programme promises a smorgasbord of offerings to cater to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs. From accelerators focusing on the Food & Beverage sector and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) to comprehensive workshops, community events, and access to vast networks – Amplify Venture is a one-stop hub for growth and innovation.

Gosbert Chagula MBE of Startup Discovery School encapsulates the vision perfectly, “ensuring that the full spectrum of entrepreneurial talent across the London startup ecosystem is fully utilised.”

More than Just Funding

Beyond the monetary support, Amplify Venture signifies a reaffirmation of belief and trust in London’s overlooked entrepreneurial talent. The programme is not just a financial venture but a testament to the unwavering spirit of diverse founders.

By 2025, the programme envisions empowering 120 enterprises, gearing them with the necessary arsenal to tackle post-pandemic challenges head-on and soar to unprecedented heights.

Joining the Movement

Those eager to be part of this groundbreaking initiative can find more information and updates at Amplify Venture’s official website.

About the Collaborators

Capital Enterprise: A driving force in the UK tech startup ecosystem, nurturing startups, especially from under-represented communities.

Foundervine: Champions of innovation, they open doors for audacious founders, shaping the future of business.

OneTech: Advocates for inclusion in the startup realm, they envision an ecosystem where innovation and opportunity are accessible to all.

Startup Discovery School: With an aim to address UN SDGs through innovative solutions, they craft programs that are globally impactful.

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