Unlocking the Secrets of Postpartum Care: Companies Leading the Way

How Hertility and Lansons Are Revolutionizing Employee Well-Being

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Key Takeaways:

  • In a progressive move, Hertility and Lansons are prioritizing the postpartum well-being of their employees, extending support beyond maternity leave.
  • Postpartum Plan, an innovative employee benefit, offers comprehensive care to new parents during the often-overlooked “fourth trimester.”
  • Employee testimonials shed light on the profound impact of Postpartum Plan on the physical and emotional health of new parents.


As the business landscape evolves, forward-thinking companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of supporting their employees throughout various life stages. In September 2023, two remarkable organizations, Hertility, a trailblazing women’s health company, and Lansons, a distinguished communications and reputation management consultancy, have taken bold steps to elevate the well-being of their workforce. They’ve introduced the Postpartum Plan as an employee benefit, marking a significant stride in caring for new parents during the critical postpartum period and beyond.

The Fourth Trimester and Beyond

Hertility understands the multifaceted challenges that new parents encounter—both emotionally and physically. While pregnancy and childbirth are celebrated, the postpartum period often goes unnoticed in terms of support. Hertility believes that every expectant parent should have access to guidance and assistance during this crucial time and beyond.

Similarly, Lansons has embraced the concept of supporting employees well beyond maternity leave. Currently, six of its employees, including one male staff member, are benefiting from the Postpartum Plan as part of their workplace perks. Their stories and experiences are a testament to the positive impact of this innovative initiative.

Employee Testimonials

Emily, Hertility Fertility Nurse and Clinical Nutritional Practitioner: “Sometimes it feels as though you are forgotten about as soon as you go on maternity leave, once you have finished work, finished all of your antenatal classes and stopped seeing the midwife, so it feels extremely comforting and reassuring that there is physical and emotional support during the postpartum period via Postpartum Plan, and that Hertility, my employer provided that for me.”

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Anonymous: “As a first-time parent, I was feeling quite anxious about how I would recover (both mentally and physically) from pregnancy. I feel really grateful that companies like Postpartum Plan exist to support individuals during what can be a really difficult time, and am looking forward to using their services.”

Leonie Garfield from Lansons: “Postpartum plan offers really helpful insight to navigate life in the early stages of first-time parenting. They provide a community, which is so important when you need a network to filter questions in your head at 3 a.m.! The gift bag with a travel-changing mat was particularly useful!”

Amanda Celliers, Senior HR Manager at Lansons: “We recognize how vital supporting working parents beyond the first year is. Postpartum Plan helps us to continue our support for working parents during their maternity/paternity leave. From nutritionist advice to Pilates classes, Postpartum Plan has given our working parents access to tailored resources and tools as they continue their journey through parenthood.”

Postpartum Plan: A Holistic Approach

Postpartum Plan is an award-winning, holistic online membership designed for new parents, aiming to establish emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. This innovative program brings together a team of postpartum experts, including women’s health physiotherapists, yoga and breath-work instructors, nutritionists, and postpartum doulas. It was inspired by the founder’s traumatic first birth experience, which left her with PTSD, diastasis recti, insomnia, postpartum anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of inadequate support.

Hertility: Transforming Women’s Health

Hertility, founded by scientists and powered by an all-female research team, is a women’s health company at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge reproductive science directly to homes. Their offerings encompass at-home hormone and fertility testing, telemedicine, and treatment for various gynecological conditions related to reproductive health. Hertility’s comprehensive approach spans women’s health from menstruation through menopause.

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Lansons: Shaping Reputation and Communication

Lansons is a renowned communications and reputation management consultancy with a presence in London and New York. The company specializes in a wide array of communications areas, including media, investor, political, regulatory, employee, marketing, and change communications. Lansons partners with organizations, senior leaders, and governments to transform reputations and influence behaviors for the benefit of individuals and communities.

In a world where employee well-being is increasingly recognized as a crucial aspect of a successful business, Hertility and Lansons have set an inspiring example by embracing Postpartum Plan, an initiative that prioritizes the physical and emotional health of new parents, supporting them beyond maternity leave, and helping them navigate the profound journey of parenthood. This innovative approach is a testament to their commitment to employee well-being and their dedication to fostering a supportive workplace environment.

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