Unlocking the Secret to Effortless Hiring: AI-Powered Solution Shakes Up UK Businesses

Revolutionizing Recruitment: Indeed's AI Solution Promises to Reshape the Hiring Landscape

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Key Takeaways:

  • 74% of UK businesses feel hiring has become more challenging in the last five years, as revealed by new data.
  • Indeed launches Smart Sourcing, an AI-powered product, to streamline the hiring process and connect employers with nearly 300 million global talents.
  • AI adoption in hiring remains low, but 69% of professionals believe AI-driven tools could accelerate hiring processes and eliminate bias.

Navigating the Hiring Maze: Challenges and Frustrations

In an ever-evolving job market, UK businesses are grappling with the complexities of hiring, with 74% expressing heightened difficulty in recruitment over the past five years. A recent survey conducted by global job matching platform Indeed sheds light on the inefficiencies plaguing the hiring process, revealing a landscape fraught with frustration and inefficiency.

Mismatched Expectations: Ambitious Targets vs. Sourcing Challenges

Despite ambitious hiring targets set by businesses—amidst over 908,000 job vacancies in the UK—finding quality candidates remains akin to a daunting treasure hunt. The disparity between demand and supply is glaring, with 66% of hiring professionals hesitant to explore certain platforms due to doubts about candidate quality. Moreover, while some platforms host quality candidates, identifying those open to new opportunities presents a formidable challenge.

The Burden of Inefficiency: Wasted Time and Missed Opportunities

The hiring journey is riddled with inefficiencies, leading to wasted time and missed opportunities for both employers and job seekers. A staggering 62% of candidates report being contacted for roles unsuitable for them, exacerbating the dismal response rates faced by hiring professionals. With 83% of job seekers left hanging without a response post-application, confidence in finding the right role dwindles, impacting morale and persistence in job searches.

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AI: The Silver Bullet for Recruitment Woes

Despite the prevailing challenges, only a third of hiring managers have embraced AI in their recruitment strategies. However, there’s a growing recognition of AI’s potential to revolutionize hiring practices. An overwhelming majority of professionals believe AI-powered tools can accelerate hiring processes, deliver more qualified candidates, and even mitigate biases in hiring decisions.

Introducing Smart Sourcing: Redefining the Hiring Paradigm

In response to the pressing need for efficiency and effectiveness in hiring, Indeed introduces Smart Sourcing, an innovative AI-powered solution poised to reshape the recruitment landscape. This cutting-edge product leverages AI algorithms to sift through a vast talent pool of nearly 300 million global workers, matching employers with the most suitable candidates based on skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Three Game-Changing Advantages of Smart Sourcing:

  1. Access to a Global Talent Pool: Smart Sourcing taps into a diverse and active talent pool, prioritizing candidates aligned with employers’ unique requirements. With 89% of UK employers hailing Smart Sourcing as their preferred tool for sourcing active candidates, the platform offers unparalleled access to talent.
  2. Effortless Candidate Discovery: Powered by AI, Smart Sourcing streamlines candidate evaluation by providing tailored summaries highlighting why individuals are ideal fits for specific roles. Employers can swiftly review and connect with qualified candidates, significantly reducing time-to-hire.
  3. AI-Driven Connections: Smart Sourcing facilitates seamless communication between employers and candidates through personalized AI-generated messages. This streamlined approach not only enhances engagement but also accelerates the hiring process, with 74% of employers attesting to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Testimonials Validate Smart Sourcing’s Impact

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Graham Parkin, Recruitment Manager at Healthcare Homes, lauds Smart Sourcing for its user-friendly interface and exceptional results, with 50% of contacted candidates offered positions within the company. His testimonial underscores the tangible benefits of AI-driven recruitment solutions in driving successful hiring outcomes.


Indeed’s Smart Sourcing emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of recruitment, offering a potent antidote to the challenges plaguing modern hiring practices. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can navigate the hiring maze with confidence, forging meaningful connections with top talent and driving organizational success.

For more information about Indeed and Smart Sourcing, visit: Indeed


  • Raj Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Employer at Indeed: “The hiring process is broken and must be revolutionized so the process of matching the right candidates with the right jobs is a simple one. Leveraging Indeed’s AI-powered technology will help to transform job matching and hiring, supporting job seekers and hiring managers to help the world work better.”
  • Graham Parkin, Recruitment Manager, Healthcare Homes: “During our trial of Indeed Smart Sourcing the recruitment team have found the ease of use to be excellent. Over the course of the two months we offered 50% of the candidates contacted a position with our company and feel the new developments being made to the product will only enhance the results further. We look forward to using this in the future.”

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