Unlocking the Future of Building: Groundbreaking Innovation Challenge Now Open

Southern Europe's Titans in the Building Industry Team up with Startups and Scholars for an Unprecedented Open Innovation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pioneering “Confluence Challenge” offers a platform for startups and researchers to present breakthrough solutions to industry obstacles.
  • Notable companies ALUMIL, ISOMAT, and KLEEMANN join forces, emphasizing collaboration and innovation.
  • Generous cash prizes await, with the grand accolade being the Confluence Excellence Award of €15,000.

The Dawn of a New Era in Building Innovation

Sparking Fresh Ideas and Collaboration

The building industry, though rooted in tradition, has always been ripe for disruption and progress. Now, three giants from Southern Europe — ALUMIL, ISOMAT, and KLEEMANN — are offering a unique challenge. The “Confluence Challenge” sets the stage for ambitious startups and inquisitive researchers to showcase and co-create innovations that might redefine the sector.

Crafting Solutions to Real-world Concerns

Rising to the Presented Challenges

The program unveils a spectrum of 10+1 challenges, touching diverse facets from sustainability to financial operations. They span across intricate stages of industrial operations, from the nuances of product creation to the intricacies of supply-chain management. But there’s a twist: an open challenge awaits those visionaries with groundbreaking concepts beyond the listed challenges. With the vast domains these three companies cover, the sky’s the limit.

Journeying Through the Innovation Funnel

What Awaits the Chosen Innovators

Participants won’t merely be submitting ideas. The chosen teams will be thrust into a dynamic, hybrid acceleration program, marked by sessions in English. Industry mentorship, tailored startup coaching, practical seminars, and the potential for real-world application in the form of PoCs or pilot initiatives will be in the offing. All of this spells immense value for those looking to make a mark in the industry.

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Honoring the Torchbearers of Change

Rewards Beyond Monetary Measures

While the Confluence Excellence Award, priced at a handsome €15,000, is the crown jewel, there are other accolades that recognize different flavors of innovation: The Market Disruption Award, Innovation for Society Award, and the Technology Innovation Award, each carrying a reward of €5,000.

An Invitation to Visionaries

Melding Experience with Eager Innovation

This is not just a call for ideas. It’s a clarion call for partnership, collaboration, and mutual growth. Startups and research teams rooted in the built environment sector now have an unrivaled opportunity. They can not only validate their innovative concepts but also potentially integrate them with giants that have reshaped the building landscape.

With an application deadline looming on the 24th of September, it’s time to take action. More details and application procedures can be found at confluencechallenge.net.

A Glimpse at the Industry Behemoths

ALUMIL S.A.: A worldwide contender in aluminum architectural system designs. Their footprint stretches over 60 countries with an impressive presence on every continent.

ISOMAT: This multinational group has cemented its reputation in the manufacture of building chemicals, mortars, and paints. Their influence spans over 80 countries, driven by their commitment to excellence.

KLEEMANN: As a key player in the lift manufacturing domain, KLEEMANN offers a diverse range of lifting solutions. Their market penetration is palpable, with a sales network extending over 100 countries.

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