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Scotland’s ever-evolving built environment requires the expertise of skilled planning lawyers to navigate the complexities of development, regulations, and disputes. These legal professionals play a pivotal role in advising clients on a wide range of planning matters, from property litigation to renewable energy projects. In this article, we shine a spotlight on Scotland’s most notable planning lawyers, highlighting their experience, industry accolades, and contributions to shaping the country’s landscape.

Kenneth Carruthers – Resolving Property Disputes with Litigation Prowess

Kenneth Carruthers, a seasoned lawyer at Morton Fraser, possesses extensive experience in handling property litigation before all levels of the Scottish courts. His expertise extends to a diverse range of topics, including dilapidations claims and lease disputes. With his deep understanding of planning law, Kenneth assists clients in navigating complex legal challenges, ensuring their rights and interests are protected throughout the litigation process.

Ursula Currie – Advocating for Clients in Real Estate Litigation

Ursula Currie, a prominent lawyer at DWF, specializes in real estate litigation, encompassing various planning-related issues such as dilapidations claims, lease terminations, and access rights disputes. With her wide-ranging expertise, Ursula provides strategic advice and representation to clients, helping them effectively resolve disputes and achieve favorable outcomes. Her commitment to delivering exceptional results has earned her a reputation as a trusted advocate in Scotland’s planning legal landscape.

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Alastair McKie – Bridging Planning and Environmental Law

Alastair McKie, a distinguished lawyer at Anderson Strathern, operates at the intersection of planning and environmental law. His extensive knowledge allows him to advise clients on regulatory compliance, legislative drafting, and contentious matters before the Scottish Ministers and the Court of Session. Alastair’s expertise is highly sought after by a wide range of clients seeking guidance on navigating the intricate regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

Peter Ferguson – Strategic Counsel for Public and Private Sector Clients

Peter Ferguson, a respected practitioner at Harper Macleod LLP, provides invaluable counsel to both public and private sector clients, particularly in relation to government agencies at public inquiries. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of planning matters, including those with energy and environmental aspects. Peter’s ability to navigate complex planning issues and his dedication to serving his clients’ best interests make him a trusted advisor in the field.

Ewan Macleod – Driving Planning Excellence in Residential and Renewable Energy Sectors

Ewan Macleod, a prominent lawyer at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, specializes in advising house builders and developers on a wide range of planning issues. With his expertise in residential development, retail, and waste sectors, Ewan brings invaluable insights to his clients. His considerable experience in public inquiries and hearings further strengthens his ability to provide effective legal representation.

Craig Whelton – Versatile Planning Advisor for Housebuilders and Energy Companies

Craig Whelton, leading the Scottish planning offering at Burges Salmon LLP, brings extensive experience in both contentious and non-contentious planning matters. With a focus on housebuilding, Craig regularly advises major house builders, energy companies, and public sector bodies. His broad expertise enables him to effectively navigate complex planning issues and deliver practical solutions to his clients.

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Fraser Mitchell – Strategic Planning Advisor for Complex Development Schemes

Fraser Mitchell, an esteemed lawyer at Shoosmiths LLP, offers expert advice on planning issues, including compulsory purchase, Section 75 agreements, and planning appeals. With a particular focus on residential development schemes, Fraser is highly regarded for his ability to guide house builders through the intricacies of planning regulations and deliver successful outcomes.

Lynsey Reid – Guiding Renewable Energy and Residential Development Projects

Lynsey Reid, an associate at Burges Salmon LLP, boasts an impressive portfolio of planning matters related to renewable energy, residential, and brownfield developments. With her meticulous approach, Lynsey provides valuable guidance to clients, ensuring compliance with planning regulations and facilitating successful project delivery.


Scotland’s planning legal landscape is home to a diverse and talented pool of professionals dedicated to shaping the built environment. These lawyers bring unparalleled expertise, strategic counsel, and innovative solutions to assist clients in navigating the complexities of planning law. From resolving property disputes to advising on renewable energy projects, these legal experts play a vital role in ensuring that development aligns with regulatory frameworks and environmental considerations. As Scotland continues to evolve, these planning lawyers will remain at the forefront, providing the guidance necessary to shape a sustainable and vibrant built environment for future generations.

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