Unlocking Global Opportunities: This Fintech’s New Journey Could Revolutionize SME Finance

Innovative Fintech Joins Elite Barclays Academy: A Leap Towards Global SME Empowerment

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Prestigious Selection: HedgeFlows joins the elite Barclays Rise Growth Academy 2023, entering an exclusive group of top global FinTech ventures.
  2. Focused Training: A ten-week intensive program with top mentors aims to boost HedgeFlows’ impact in empowering SMEs with better financial tools.
  3. Beyond Borders: With an eye on reducing international trading costs, HedgeFlows’ innovative solutions aim to ease and safeguard global transactions for SMEs.

A Milestone for Fintech Innovation

HedgeFlows, known for its smart financial toolkit aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), has carved a niche in the fintech world by securing a spot in Barclays’ renowned 2023 Rise Growth Academy. This selection marks a significant milestone, placing HedgeFlows among the top 16 most innovative fintech ventures worldwide.

Barclays Rise Growth Academy: A Springboard for Success

The Barclays Academy partnership, spanning ten weeks, is not just a training program; it’s a recognition of potential and innovation in the fintech sector. Participants, including HedgeFlows, will engage in a series of educational modules and one-on-one sessions with industry leaders. Among the notable mentors are Ilias Sarris from Accenture and Joel Perlman, founder of OakNorth Credit Intelligence. This program is tailor-made to escalate the scaling process of fintech founders, potentially transforming the landscape of digital finance.

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The Journey of Empowerment

The inclusion in this prestigious program holds substantial implications for HedgeFlows and its mission. Co-founder Neh Thaker remarks, “We are overjoyed to be part of the Barclays Rise Growth Academy and by the prospect of spending the next ten weeks working alongside a cohort of great fintech innovators who share our high-growth aspirations. This opportunity stands HedgeFlows in great stead to continue to address the empowerment of SMEs within the UK economy and when making the cross-border payments required to grow internationally.”

Bridging the International Gap

HedgeFlows is not merely about financial technology; it’s about breaking barriers. With 70% of UK SMEs hesitating to expand internationally due to prohibitive trading costs, HedgeFlows’ initiative is more than timely. Their focus on accessible financial services for international trade addresses a critical gap, empowering businesses to step confidently onto the global stage.

Fintech, SMEs, and the Global Economy

The role of fintech like HedgeFlows in empowering SMEs cannot be overstated. Small and medium enterprises form the backbone of most economies, yet often face hurdles in accessing vital financial services for global trading. By implementing the best treasury and risk management practices, HedgeFlows isn’t just supporting individual businesses but is fostering a wider spread of innovation and prosperity.

Looking Ahead: The Impact of Training

This ten-week journey with the Barclays Rise Growth Academy could be a game-changer for HedgeFlows. The blend of educational insights, expert mentorship, and community engagement provides a unique environment to refine and escalate their offerings. For SMEs, this could mean more robust, user-friendly, and efficient tools to handle foreign payments, cashflows, and invoicing – critical components for international business growth.

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A Vision for a Financially Inclusive Future

HedgeFlows’ vision extends beyond immediate financial solutions. It aims at creating an ecosystem where SMEs, irrespective of their size or financial might, can leverage global opportunities. The Fintech’s journey through the Barclays Rise Growth Academy is more than a learning curve; it’s a step towards reshaping the global SME landscape.


HedgeFlows’ journey with the Barclays Rise Growth Academy is more than an achievement; it’s a beacon of hope and innovation in the fintech space, promising a future where global business is not just the realm of large corporations but a realistic ambition for SMEs worldwide.

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