Top 10 White-Collar Crime Lawyers Revolutionizing Dispute Resolution in Peru 2023

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In the landscape of Peruvian dispute resolution, certain prominent figures have risen to the fore. These lawyers specialize in white-collar crime and have left an indelible mark on the industry with their extensive knowledge, expertise, and dedication to their clients. In the following article, we will be exploring the profiles of some noteworthy lawyers in this sphere, illustrating the credentials that have secured their positions as leaders in their respective firms. Get ready to delve into a realm where rigor meets passion.

Dispute resolution concerning white-collar crimes in Peru has seen major players stepping up their game, providing top-notch legal support to individuals and businesses alike. Law practitioners who specialize in white-collar crime are crucial in today’s corporate environment – their role can be pivotal in issues ranging from fraud to embezzlement. For this reason, having a solid, dependable lawyer in this field is essential.

In this piece, we will be shedding light on some of Peru’s most capable practitioners in white-collar crime dispute resolution. These distinguished professionals have been applauded for their boundless commitment, responsiveness, and a deep understanding of Peruvian regulations. Here, we list some notable mentions who have set the bar high in their respective practices.

Juan Diego Ugaz

Juan Diego Ugaz is a specialist in white-collar crime practice at Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados. Known for his remarkable commitment to his work, Ugaz’s understanding of Peruvian regulations in this area has been highly recommended by his clients.

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Héctor Gadea Benavides

An outstanding attorney with Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas, Héctor Gadea Benavides is admired for his client-oriented, results-driven approach and comprehensive professional understanding of white-collar crime.

Fernando Ugaz Zegarra

Partner at Estudio Ugaz Zegarra & Abogados Asociados S.A.C., Fernando Ugaz Zegarra is prized for his pragmatic and strategic outlook when offering advice on white-collar crime related issues, earning him significant praise from his clients.

Carolina Cueva

A new entrant in the rankings, Carolina Cuevas of CMS GRAU has been commended for her robust counsel on criminal law and compliance, distinguishing her as an expert in Peru’s white-collar crime arena.

Jorge Massa Carrillo de Albornoz

Operating from Cortez Massa & Bello Abogados, Jorge Massa Carrillo de Albornoz is recognized as an active player in the market with a focus on compliance matters, affirming his established position in the rankings.

José Leandro Reaño

José Leandro Reaño, partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados, has carved out a market-leading position in Peru’s white-collar crime sector, gaining notable commendations for his strategic handling of complex cases.

César Azabache Caracciolo

César Azabache Caracciolo of Azabache Caracciolo Abogados is recognized for his impactful criminal practice in Peru. The renowned attorney is praised for his longstanding presence in the market.

Diego Abeo

Diego Abeo with Estudio Olaechea has garnered remarkable client feedback for crafting custom solutions to their legal issues, marking his first-time entry into the rankings.

José Ugaz

Eminent practitioner José Ugaz, based at Benites Vargas & Ugaz Abogados, is applauded for his expertise in anti-corruption mandates and is seen as a reference in this area by clients and peers.

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Augusto Loli

Partner Augusto Loli breaks into the top band with Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas thanks to wide-ranging praise from the market for his leading practice in Peru’s white-collar crime sector.

These lawyers have impressed their clients and peers alike with their extensive knowledge, professionalism, and strategic vision in white-collar crime dispute resolution. Their contribution to this complex field of law is indeed eminent and indispensable.

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