Top 10 UK-Wide Franchising Lawyers Influencing the Industry in 2023

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In the business world, franchising is a common practice. It allows companies to expand their operations and reach new markets, while also providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to invest in and manage a business using a proven model. The success of a franchise can significantly depend on legal expertise, making franchising lawyers indispensable. This article will highlight some of the leading franchising lawyers in the UK who are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience to provide top-notch advice and services for all franchising-related issues.

These lawyers are known for their commitment and dedication to their clients, offering expert legal advice that cover a wide range of franchise-related concerns, including handling franchise agreements, tackling franchise disputes, advising on portfolio management issues, franchise expansions, terminations, and even breach of contract cases. Let’s dive into the background of these leading professionals.

Whether you’re a potential franchisee seeking professional advice before signing a franchise agreement or a franchisor needing assistance with your expansion plans, these franchising lawyers are equipped with the necessary expertise to guide you on your franchising journey.

James Barrett

Specializing in franchising at Hamilton Pratt, James Barrett’s expertise covers a spectrum of disputes in the field. His consistent engagement in handling breach of contract and loss of profit claims makes him a prominent figure in the franchising industry in the UK.

Kate Legg

Kate Legg at Komerse boasts considerable experience in advising corporate clients from diverse industries on franchising issues. Her particular skill in handling franchise resales sets her apart in the sector.

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Russell Ford

Russell Ford from Owen White brings a wealth of knowledge from representing both franchisors and franchisees. He excels in dealing with contentious matters, particularly disputes involving allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of contract.

Graeme Payne

With his position at Bird & Bird, Graeme Payne empathetically advises retailers and food and drink sector clients on portfolio management issues and international expansions. Besides this, he is adept at handling terminations and licensing matters arising from international franchise networks.

David J Bond

At Fieldfisher, David Bond’s wealth of experience in advising on franchise management and expansion extends both domestically and internationally. He specializes in assisting hotels and schools with their franchise rollouts into Europe and Asia, plus restructuring and terminating franchise agreements.

Tracy Williamson

Tracy Williamson, from Ashtons Legal, is renowned for her proficiency in franchising matters. She routinely assists clients with franchise resales, agreements and renewals, providing advice to both mature and growing franchises.

Nicola Broadhurst

Imparting legal advice from Stevens & Bolton LLP, Nicola Broadhurst habitually provides commercial and data protection advice to notable clients in relation to franchise arrangements. She is particularly skilled at navigating franchise renewals, terminations and resales.

Victoria Hobbs

Veteran franchising lawyer Victoria Hobbs of Bird & Bird has a sound reputation for her work on contentious matters relating to franchise terminations, renegotiations and rollouts, primarily serving clients in retail, leisure and food and drink industries.

John Pratt

Another luminary from Hamilton Pratt is John Pratt. He is a distinguished lawyer with significant experience supporting both franchisors and franchisees. His routine assistance to clients comprises of preparation of franchise agreements as well as managing disputes concerning breaches of these agreements.

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Emma Lusty

From Shoosmiths LLP, Emma Lusty offers advice to both franchisors and franchisees on an array of commercial issues. She is recognised for her expansive experience in acquisitions and resales, and for handling disputes over breach of contract and termination.

In conclusion, these professionals reflect some of the best talent in the franchising legal sector in the UK. They bring years of experience and a strong understanding of the industry, ensuring that both franchisors and franchisees can navigate the complex landscape of franchising with confidence and security.

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