Top 10 Trailblazing Tax Lawyers Shaping Austria’s Fiscal Landscape in 2023

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Austria has long been an attractive location for investment and business due to its impressive economic stability and strategic position in Europe. It therefore makes sense that amidst its business landscape, a remarkable array of legal minds play crucial roles. One such category are tax lawyers, who not only help corporations to navigate the complexities of financial law, but also to optimise their activities to take advantage of Austria’s business-friendly tax environment. This piece will discuss some of the country’s most noteworthy tax law professionals, providing overviews of their career achievements, areas of specialisation and their ongoing contributions to the legal industry.

Understanding the intricacies of tax law is essential for both domestic and international businesses. Effective tax management is central to the success of many business endeavours, as it is necessary to ensure both legal compliance and economic efficiency. In Austria, several exceptional tax lawyers are renowned for their distinct expertise in helping both corporations and individuals determine the most favourable strategies for tax planning and dispute resolution. The lawyers highlighted in this article are commended for their deep understanding of Austria’s tax codes, their extensive experience and their adept ability to devise effective tax strategies aligned with client needs.

The lawyers discussed in this article stand out not just for their individual professional accomplishments, but also because they represent some of Austria’s most prestigious law firms. Each of these legal experts have established themselves with a rich track record of meeting sophisticated client needs, working diligently in their respective domains to interpret, apply and influence Austrian tax laws in a manner ensuring maximum client benefit. Here is a closer look at each of them:

Kornelia Wittmann

Kornelia Wittmann is a dedicated tax lawyer with bpv Huegel. Concentrating on tax disputes and litigation, Wittmann also assists clients with transactions, including financings and capital markets work.

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Eva Stadler

Representing Wolf Theiss, Eva Stadler is recognized for her expertise in finance-related tax mandates. She is invaluable to her clients, helping them navigate financing transactions, reorganisations, and M&A-related tax questions.

Johannes Prinz

Having a solid tax practice at CERHA HEMPEL, Johannes Prinz focuses on M&A and capital markets transactions. Prinz also specialises in restructurings, disputes, and stamp duty matters.

Paul Doralt

Paul Doralt, who is associated with DORDA, provides comprehensive corporate tax advice, with a particular focus on M&A and financing transactions. Doralt also provides counsel on tax structuring, audits, and real estate tax issues.

Niklas Schmidt

Niklas Schmidt of Wolf Theiss operates a diverse tax practice and is highly regarded for his expertise in M&A, financing and capital market transactions, corporate restructurings, and specialisations in electricity and real estate tax matters.

Hans-Jörgen Aigner

With Aigner Buzanich Rechtsanwälte OG, Hans-Jörgen Aigner handles a variety of tax mandates, including litigation, restructurings, and tax audits.

Clemens Willvonseder

Clemens Willvonseder, with BINDER GRÖSSWANG Rechtsanwälte GmbH, offers guidance on the tax aspects of M&A and capital markets transactions as well as VAT advisory work.

Franz Althuber

Franz Althuber, from ALTHUBER SPORNBERGER & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH, is not only active in tax disputes, but also boasts a solid focus on criminal tax matters and often represents public authorities.

Michaela Petritz-Klar

At Taylor Wessing, Michaela Petritz-Klar is particularly noteworthy for corporate and financing-related tax mandates while also offering support in tax disputes and employment and gambling tax queries.

Benjamin Twardosz

Benjamin Twardosz at CERHA HEMPEL excels in the Austrian tax arena, providing guidance to clients on a variety of corporate tax mandates, including M&A transactions, restructurings, and expertise in gambling and betting tax mandates.

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In summary, these Austrian tax lawyers provide critical support to clients, demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication. Whether it’s structuring complex transactions, resolving disputes or advising on audit procedures, these professionals consistently deliver remarkable results in a complex and ever-changing tax landscape.

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