Top 10 Trailblazing Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Brazil for 2023

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The Best Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Brazil

In today’s world where wealth management is crucial, having the right legal advice is paramount. Brazil has a plethora of experienced Private Wealth Law Lawyers who are experts in their domain, specialising in handling high net worth individuals, families and their enterprises. Here we delve into the profiles of some of the most interesting lawyers in this field.

These legal professionals specialise in succession planning, asset restructuring, tax planning, and more. Their vast experience and expertise make them sought-after figures in the industry, trusted by their clients for their ability to provide well-informed, strategic advice. Let’s explore more about them.

We’ll provide a brief bio of each lawyer, along with a link to their firm’s website for more details, when available. Without further ado, here are some of Brazil’s leading private wealth law lawyers:

Humberto Sanches

Firm: Humberto Sanches e Associados
Description: Humberto Sanches is heralded as an “excellent lawyer”, known for his practical and solution-oriented approach. Sanches is adept at handling matters related to succession and wealth planning. His expertise and approach to the field have earned him praise from both clients and peers alike.
Location: Brazil

Rachel Katlauskas Muraro Lembi

Firm: Lembi Advogados
Description: Based in São Paulo, Rachel Katlauskas Muraro Lembi is a tax and asset planning specialist. Her past experience working with private banks on such matters has equipped her with deep insights into private wealth law.
Location: Brazil

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Andréa Caliento

Firm: Lefosse Advogados
Description: Andréa Caliento is revered as an “outstanding professional” who has a strong reputation among her peers and clients for her work in private client matters. She is lauded for her promptness and ability to smoothly handle all matters.
Location: Brazil

Andrea Nogueira

Firm: Nogueira Pires Advogados
Description: Highly regarded in the industry, Andrea Nogueira, is commended for her expertise in handling complex private wealth matters, including succession planning. Her clients enjoy working with her, appreciating her skills and dedication.
Location: Brazil

Marcelo Trussardi Paolini

Firm: L.O. Baptista Advogados
Description: Marcelo Trussardi Paolini is known for his expertise in estate and succession planning, corporate governance issues and more. His focus on private client matters and wealth management has earned him a solid reputation.
Location: Brazil

Alessandro Amadeu da Fonseca

Firm: Mattos Filho
Description: Alessandro Amadeu da Fonseca is renowned in the field of private wealth law. Known for his excellent ability to handle contentious and non-contentious tax, succession and estate matters, he assists clients who are ultra-affluent.
Location: Brazil

Fernando Retzler Martins

Firm: SA Law
Description: Fernando Retzler Martins is a “super technician and very pragmatic” lawyer. He possesses in-depth knowledge of both domestic and international tax systems, and is appreciated for his always-ready-to-help attitude.
Location: Brazil

Fernando Colucci

Firm: Machado Meyer
Description: Fernando Colucci is a highly experienced lawyer known for advising clients on succession planning, asset restructuring and tax planning. Colucci’s knowledge and responsiveness have earned him high praise from his clients.
Location: Brazil

Gabriel Mercadante

Firm: SA Law
Description: Gabriel Mercadante is highly recognised for his wealth and succession planning skills. Having more than a decade of experience, he is appreciated for his customised solutions. Mercadante possesses deep knowledge about Brazilian corporate and private wealth issues.
Location: Brazil

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Luis Felipe Baptista Luz

Firm: b/luz
Description: Luis Felipe Baptista Luz is known to be “dedicated and smart”. He is acclaimed for his work with high net worth individuals on international tax matters, and foundations and estate planning.
Location: Brazil

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