Top 10 Trailblazing GCs Lawyers Shaping India’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In recent years, India has become a hub of top-tier legal prowess, hosting an array of influential general counsel (GCs) who have made their mark both nationally and internationally. These individuals lead legal departments in renowned firms and contribute significantly to the field with their expertise and acumen. This piece shines a light on India’s most influential GCs who have shaped the legal industry in various sectors while continuously setting the bar high.

A GC not only represents the legal department of a firm but also plays a critical role in crucial decision-making processes, thereby directly influencing the company’s future. They exhibit a comprehensive understanding of the industry they operate in and navigate legal complexities to protect the firm’s interests. Their roles stretch far beyond providing fodder for legal processes; they lend their skills to business strategies, compliance issues, crisis management, and much more.

Through careful consideration and recognition in the legal realm, the following GCs emerged as the most influential in India. Their expertise spans different industries, from banking to electronics, and each has showcased exemplary leadership and adept skills, setting them apart from their peers. Their significant contributions have fortified their firms’ legal standing, meriting their inclusion in this list.

Augustine Quadros

Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of legal affairs at HDFC Bank Limited, Augustine Quadros has earned a reputation for his corporate and regulatory compliance competencies. Highly regarded in the market, Augustine meticulously takes charge of legal crises and leads his team in achieving comprehensive regulatory compliance.

Preeti Balwani

Holding a key position in the legal department of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Preeti Balwani shines as one of India’s influential GCs. Her work ethics and legal expertise contribute significantly to the firm’s success.

Mukesh Bhavnani

Mukesh Bhavnani, Bharti Enterprises Limited’s General Counsel, possesses over four decades of legal expertise, serving numerous Indian conglomerates. His rich experience, especially his stint in Dubai for Jumbo Electronics Company, contributes to his legal acumen.

Ipsita Dutta

Ipsita Dutta is currently making constructive changes in the banking sector as the head of the legal department at Morgan Stanley India Company Private Limited. She has a strong background in law, particularly having previously served as a partner at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.

Vidyut Gulati

Vidyut Gulati serves as an influential GC at Bharti Airtel Ltd. His experience and expertise augment the firm’s legal defenses deeply.

Vinod Kaushal

Renowned for his work at PepsiCo Internacional México, Vinod Kaushal has made significant strides in the legal field, contributing to the company’s success.

Samir Kazi

Samir Kazi of Pfizer Ltd is highly respected within the legal fraternity for his immense dedication and notable performance, making him a crucial asset to Pfizer Ltd.

Siddharth Rao

Siddharth Rao, associated with Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd, has his forte in liaising the legal intricacies with the business strategies to influence the company’s success.

Jatin Jalundhwala

Jatin Jalundhwala adeptly leads the legal department of Adani Power Ltd. With his rich experience and strategic insights, he has been instrumental in the legal success of the company.

PM Deviah

An industry expert, PM Deviah of Everstone Capital Advisors, has showcased exemplary leadership in the legal realm, significantly contributing to the firm’s hold on legal matters.

All these General Counsels not only bring immense legal experience to their companies but their strategic insights also help drive business growth, contributing significantly to the firms’ success. They continue to inspire the legal fraternity across India and setting a higher standard in the industry.

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