Top 10 Trailblazing Family Lawyers in Bristol for 2023: Expert Insights

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The Bristol and surrounding areas have a rich pool of premier lawyers well-qualified and experienced in the field of Family/Matrimonial law. These legal experts bring tothe table a wealth of knowledge and expertise, handling cases including financial remedy, separation, matrimonial finance, private law involving children, and more. Their skillsets and hardwork go a long way in ensuring clients receive the best possible representation in these complex and often emotionally charged areas of law. In the following sections, we will present brief introductions and profiles of some of these distinguished professionals.

Clare Webb

Working with the firm Clarke Willmott LLP, Clare Webb is reputable for her depth of experience in handling financial remedy issues and providing guidance on matters related to separations. Renowned for her proficiency in the Family/Matrimonial industry within Bristol and its surrounding areas, Clare Webb consistently delivers results for her clients, despite the firm not having a website.

Rebecca Aston-Jones


Rebecca Aston-Jones from Ince is especially skilled in matrimonial finance matters. While providing for the legal needs of clients in Bristol and surrounding areas, Rebecca’s expertise has proven invaluable, making her a sought-after Family/Matrimonial lawyer.

Sharon Mahmood

Sharon Mahmood of Brigstow Family Law brings specialization in private law children cases along with involvement in financial remedy proceedings. Though her firm does not operate a website currently, her reputation for excellence makes her a standout figure in the Family/Matrimonial legal environment of Bristol and surrounds.

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Lizzie Smith

Lizzie Smith, currently practicing at Irwin Mitchell, is well-known for her experience in handling complex financial remedy matters. With a strong reputation for her work with high net worth clients, Lizzie Smith is a formidable presence in the Bristol Family/Matrimonial law scene even though her firm does not have a web portal.

Sarah Hoskinson

Burges Salmon LLP

From the Burges Salmon LLP, Sarah Hoskinson is often sought after for her advice on financial settlements along with pre-marital and post-marital agreements. Seen as an expert in pensions, Sarah Hoskinson provides exceptional service in Bristol and the nearby areas.

Elizabeth Bruce

The Family Law Practice

Elizabeth Bruce, from The Family Law Practice, is a reliable resource for advice on financial remedy proceedings. Furthermore, she is also adept at handling private law children cases, TOLATA proceedings and cases involving mediation. Her firm also assists in providing necessary resources through their website.

Mark Sage

The Family Law Practice

Also from The Family Law Practice is Mark Sage, who is known for his frequent advice on financial remedy proceedings involving multiple jurisdictions, and his assistance with private law children cases. Mark’s expertise makes him a go-to resource within the matrimonial industry in Bristol.

Philippa Morgan

Lyons Davidson Solicitors

With her place at Lyons Davidson Solicitors, Philippa Morgan brings invaluable expertise in child abduction cases, including wardship and Hague Convention proceedings, making her a trusted ally for clients grappling with these high-stake matters in Bristol and surrounds.

Donna Cummins

Lyons Davidson Solicitors

Donna Cummins of Lyons Davidson Solicitors is a sought-after legal professional who frequently deals with both private and public law children cases, including those arising from non-accidental injuries. Her exemplary track record in representing children and their guardians is noteworthy and speaks volumes about her capabilities in the Family/Matrimonial industry.

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Gareth Schofield

Gareth Schofield, who heads the family team at Clarke Willmott LLP, is well-respected for his significant expertise in complex financial remedy matters and child arrangement proceedings. His unique blend of skills and leadership qualities make him a key figure in Bristol’s legal landscape.

To conclude, Bristol and surrounds are home to exceptional Family/Matrimonial lawyers who blend their knowledge and experience to provide unrivalled legal services to their clients. These seasoned professionals play an indispensable role in shaping the legal scenario of this region.

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