Top 10 Standout White-Collar Crime Lawyers in Poland: A 2023 Assessment

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White-collar crime, a term synonymous with complex, high-profile, and potentially high-stakes legal cases, has attained an increasingly significant presence in Poland’s legal landscape. An array of talented and accomplished attorneys are adeptly navigating this intricate practice area, fostering an extensive and robust white-collar crime legal sector within the country. Specializing in representing individuals and corporations in criminal proceedings, internal investigations, fraud, and bribery cases to name a few, these lawyers offer their profound knowledge and experience to their clients.

In this article, we profile some of the most interesting personalities within the realm of white-collar crime practice in Poland. These practitioners stand out due to their impressive track record, their commitment to their clients and their exceptional skills in this specialized area of the law. We hope this snapshot of white-collar crime lawyers serves as a helpful guide for all our readers seeking understanding or representation within this legal sphere.

For your reading ease, each profile contains a brief introduction to the practitioner’s work and a link to their firm’s website where further resources and information can be found. We invite you to learn more by exploring the links provided.

Jarosław Majewski

Credited at DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k, Jarosław Majewski has amassed a great deal of experience in the field of white-collar crime. He has been involved in representing individuals and companies alike, maneuvering them through complex cases adeptly.

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Arkadiusz Korzeniewski

Arkadiusz Korzeniewski, practicing law at CMS, specializes in criminal proceedings and internal investigations. His clientele is diverse, from international banks to pharmaceutical companies, all of whom benefit from his skillset and expertise.

Janusz Tomczak

Janusz Tomczak, a member of the Raczkowski team, advises on an array of white-collar crime matters, bringing his experience to bear on fraud and bribery cases too.

Tomasz Konopka

Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak‘s very own Tomasz Konopka possesses an immensely credible track record within the white-collar crime practice. His clients span various sectors and deal with a range of matters, including from criminal investigations to the complex field of cybercrime.

Bartłomiej Jankowski

Bartłomiej Jankowski of B2R Law Jankowski Stroiński Zięba is well regarded in the industry for his advisory role in white-collar crime-related cases, with his expertise sought out by many.

Maciej Antoniak

Maciej Antoniak, representing DWF Poland, specialises in diverse white-collar crime matters, such as anti-corruption proceedings and cases of alleged misappropriation of assets. He also assists clients in conducting internal investigations.

Karina Aust Niewiadomska

Karina Aust Niewiadomska, a practitioner at Rymarz Zdort Maruta, is skilled in handling white-collar crime litigation, focusing mainly on cases involving allegations of fraud and bribery.

Mikołaj Pietrzak

Mikołaj Pietrzak of Pietrzak Sidor & Partners has a well-deserved reputation for his defence work within the white-collar crime arena.

Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski

Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski, a senior practitioner at SPCG Studnicki Płeszka Ćwiąkalski Górski, brings great expertise and a widely-known academic background to the white-collar crime practice, making him highly sought after in cases needing criminal defense.

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Aleksandra Oziemska

Aleksandra Oziemska, practicing law at White & Case M. Studniarek i Wspólnicy – Kancelaria Prawna sp.k, advises clients on a range of issues, including alleged fraud cases and internal criminal investigations. Money laundering and appropriation of funds cases are other areas of her expertise.

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