Top 10 Singaporean Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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Intellectual Property law is a complex field that encompasses the legal protection of creative ideas, innovations, and brand identities, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks. When it comes to litigation, a specialized lawyer is key to navigating the intricacies of the legal system. Singapore, a global hub for commerce and innovation, is home to some of the world’s most recognized Intellectual Property litigators, who help businesses and individuals protect their valuable intellectual assets. This article showcases some of the leading Intellectual Property: Domestic: Litigation lawyers based in Singapore.

These lawyers represent clients in a range of sectors, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. They are experienced in all aspects of IP protection, from trademark and patent infringement cases to disputes over brand protection and confidential data misuse. Despite the divergence of their specialties, their shared mission is to uphold the rights and interests of their clients at all costs.

Below, we explore these attorneys’ backgrounds, their respective law firms, and their notable accomplishments in the field of intellectual property law. In doing so, we hope to equip you with a better understanding of their work and the significant role they play in Singapore’s legal landscape.

Tony Yeo

Specializing in contentious IP mandates, such as trade mark and patent litigation, Tony Yeo of Drew & Napier LLC is a market leader in his field. Given his remarkable contribution to intellectual property law, it’s no surprise that Yeo is based in Singapore, one of the world’s leading hubs for such matters.

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Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim of Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC is another prominent name in the field of intellectual property law in Singapore. With particular focus on contentious IP matters, Lim has been influential in patent and copyright cases across the country.

Tee Jim Tan SC

Over in Lee & Lee, Tan Tee Jim SC holds a reputable standing owing to his extensive experience in copyright, trademark and patent disputes, making him a longstanding leader in IP litigation. You can find more information and contact details on their website .

Adrian Tan

Renowned litigator Adrian Tan of TSMP Law Corporation handles cases involving trademarks, confidential data misuse and copyright infringement. His expertise has cemented his name among the top intellectual property litigators in Singapore.

Andy Leck

Although no firm website is available, Andy Leck of Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow stands out significantly in Singapore’s IP law sector due to his extensive work on trade mark oppositions and prosecutions. Particularly potent in handling multi-jurisdictional mandates, he is a strong choice for clients in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods and technology sectors.

Melvin Pang

At Amica Law LLC, Melvin Pang has established a growing practice around trade mark and patent infringement cases in Singapore, positioning himself as a major player on the intellectual property scene.

Cyril Chua

Well-regarded for his proficiency in brand protection matters, Cyril Chua of Robinson LLC is a respected and sought-after litigator in Singapore.

M Ravindran

As the managing partner of Ravindran Associates in Singapore, M Ravindran shows considerable activity on trade mark opposition cases, underscoring his deep expertise in intellectual property law.

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Anan Sivananthan

Anan Sivananthan of Bird & Bird ATMD LLP comes highly recommended for his notable experience in patent and trade mark litigation, patent monetisation and other IP dispute resolution matters.

Bryan Ghows

Along with being Ghows LLC’s managing director, Bryan Ghows is also recognized for his significant actions in IP litigation and arbitration. Moreover, he has sector expertise in technology, adding another dimension to his practice. However, please note that his firm currently does not have a website.

With such excellent choices available, you are bound to find the right intellectual property litigator in Singapore to support your needs. Because of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to upholding rights and values, these professionals continue to impress, protect, and serve in the challenging world of IP litigation.

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