Top 10 Sector-Shaping Venture Capital Lawyers in Brazil 2023: A Review

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In recent years, the venture capital industry in Brazil has seen significant growth, leading to an increased demand for specialised legal services. A plethora of seasoned lawyers with a deep understanding of the intricacies tied to this fund raising phenomenon are prevalent in the country, offering compelling insights along with relentless advocacy for their clients. This piece aims to shine a spotlight on some of the most compelling venture capital lawyers in Brazil, their backgrounds, unique attributes and the firms they represent.

These legal practitioners offer legal support during critical series A, B, and C funding rounds, carter to unique demands of clients specialised in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, excel in international transactions, have a deep understanding, and active practice advising on national and international investment rounds. They are acknowledged by peers and their clients alike for their outstanding performances, multidisciplinary knowledge, and skillful negotiation tactics.

Their broad area of practice and impressive roster of clients engage in an array of industries, offer immense scope for innovation and development. In the aftermath of this data compilation, they’ve been renowned for their unmatched legislative prowess within the realm of venture capitalism.

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira is an emerging figure in the venture capital industry in Brazil. Working with FM/Derraik, Ferreira has made a strong case for himself, particularly in advising on capital injections during series A, B, and C funding rounds. His expertise and relentless commitment make him one of the most notable venture lawyer practitioners in the country.

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Eduardo Zilberberg

Eduardo Zilberberg is a practitioner at Bronstein, Zilberberg, Chueiri & Potenza Advogados – a remarkable name within the venture capital industry. Specialising in negotiating venture capital matters, Zilberberg’s clients openly endorse his negotiation abilities and the high quality of his professional conduct.

Guilherme Potenza

Guilherme Potenza, also from Bronstein, Zilberberg, Chueiri & Potenza Advogados, stands out for his work with clients specialised in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, virtual retail chains and human resources. His experience in international transactions and capital injections in unique fields has been widely praised by clients and peers.

Fabiana Fagundes

Fabiana Fagundes, representing FM/Derraik, is well regarded by clients for her exceptional knowledge in multidisciplinary sectors. She’s admired for her invaluable support during deals and her incredible depth of industry knowledge.

Thomas Pfeferman

Thomas Pfeferman is a renowned practitioner recognised for advising clients on deal structures and negotiations. Although his firm, Nabarro Pfeferman Advogados, doesn’t have an existing website, Pfeferman’s esteemed reputation within the start-ups and tech industry stands firm.

Diego Nabarro

Diego Nabarro, from Nabarro Pfeferman Advogados, is recognised by his clients for his strong contracts background. His clients further affirm his active and steady performance on venture capital deals and progressive legislative ambitions.

Giovana Silva

Giovana Silva from Pinheiro Neto Advogados is an increasingly active player in the venture capital market. Silva is commended by peers for her in-depth knowledge, rigorous diligence and solid activity in supporting clients with investment rounds and joint venture deals.

João Busin

João Busin of TozziniFreire Advogados has made an impressive entrance this year after receiving all-round appreciation from multiple sources for his solid proficiency in the venture capital realm. His deep knowledge and thorough assistance in handling sophisticated investment rounds is well-regarded in the industry.

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Alessandra Muniz de Resende Salgado

Alessandra Muniz de Resende Salgado from BRZ – Barbosa, Raimundo, Gontijo, Câmara & Zanotta Advogados is another active player with a commendable practice in venture capital markets. Her area of practice spans advising on national and international investment rounds, making her a sought-after professional in the field.

Álvaro Uliani M. dos Santos

Álvaro Uliani dos Santos, from Pinheiro Neto Advogados, is valued by clients for his in-depth knowledge and negotiation skills. His precision in offering legal advice on venture capital investments, both inshore and offshore, and the formation of joint ventures, sets Álvaro Uliani dos Santos apart from his competitors.

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