Top 10 Romanian Antitrust Attorneys Shaping the Competition Law in 2023

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In the dynamic business sector of Romania, competition and antitrust laws have a vital part in ensuring a leveled business playing field. A selection of exceptional lawyers specializing in this complex field helps clients navigate through the intricate labyrinth of legal matters, bringing to bear a high degree of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. Let’s explore notable Competition/Antitrust lawyers making a significant impact in Romania.

These individuals often represent clients from a wide range of industries, assisting them with competition compliance, public procurement, dispute resolution, acquisition of energy assets, merger clearance, and the defense against alleged unfair market practices, among other things. In fact, some of them have not only earned recognition at the local level but have also gained international renown

The breadth and depth of their legal exploits demonstrate the significant role these lawyers play in shaping the Romanian business environment. They routinely advise businesses about legal requirements, helping them stay compliant, and offer defense should any competition-related issue arise. Let’s delve further into the profiles of these remarkable lawyers.

Iustinian Captariu – Kinstellar

Iustinian Captariu of Kinstellar specializes in representing both international and domestic clients in energy assets acquisitions, public procurements, and dispute resolutions. His mandates predominantly concern energy assets in the oil and gas, renewable, and nuclear energy sectors.

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Valentin Berea – Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu SCA

At the head of the practice is Valentin Berea, known for representing clients in damages claims, administrative disputes, warranty cases, and contractual litigation. Furthermore, he is highly recognized for his handle on contentious competition law matters.

Bianca Naghi – GNP Guia Naghi & Partners

Although GNP Guia Naghi & Partners does not have an official website, one of its shining stars is Bianca Naghi. She is highly focused on aiding retail sector clients with competition compliance matters and also provides advice on behavioural investigations.

Gelu Goran – Biriș Goran

Offering assistance to clients in merger clearance and FDI filings is Gelu Goran of Biriș Goran. He also handles competition compliance aspects of distribution agreements and represents clients in investigations into allegations of bid rigging, price fixing, and information exchange.

Cătălin Suliman – Filip & Company

Cătălin Suliman of Filip & Company continues to be a prominent figure in the Romanian competition law market. He has a broad practice and proudly serves clients dealing with investigations into allegations of price fixing and exchanges of sensitive information, besides working on merger clearance mandates.

Anca Jurcovan – Wolf Theiss

Rising in rankings thanks to a formidable range of work is Anca Jurcovan of Wolf Theiss. She is well-versed in advising clients on merger control and FDI filings, defending them in investigations into alleged abuses of dominance or involvement in cartels, and acting on competition compliance matters.

Alina Lacatus – DLA Piper Dinu SCA

Boasting several clients from the pharmaceutical sector is Alina Lacatus of DLA Piper Dinu SCA. She frequently deals with merger notifications and cartel investigations and aids with the compliance of distribution agreements.

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Manuela Guia – GNP Guia Naghi & Partners

Also from GNP Guia Naghi & Partners, and famed for her work on cartel investigations is Manuela Guia. She regularly assists clients from the FMCG sector with competition compliance matters.

Georgiana Badescu – Schoenherr si Asociatii SCA

Georgiana Badescu of Schoenherr si Asociatii SCA has made it to the top tier of competition law advisers in Romania. She has significant experience in handling contentious behavioural matters and provides impressive expertise in merger clearance notifications and advisement on state aid law.

Georgeta Dinu – Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen

Completing our list is the industry-leading Georgeta Dinu, famous for her involvement in contentious competition law cases. Her expertise extends to defending clients in investigations into alleged infringements and subsequently representing them before the Romanian courts in challenges to fines. She also has notable experience in merger clearance mandates.

One thing is clear; these exceptional lawyers are at the forefront of Romania’s business evolution, providing invaluable aid to businesses, ensuring fair business practices and aiding in compliance with every facet of competition law.

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