Top 10 Prominent Intellectual Property Lawyers In Oklahoma for 2023

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Intellectual property law is an evolving field that continues to grow in relevance with developments in digital technology and creation. At the heart of this sector are highly skilled professionals who seek to protect the rights of creators, innovators, and businesses. This article introduces some of Oklahoma’s most notable intellectual property lawyers. Renowned for their expertise and dedication, these are individuals who go the extra mile to ensure their clients’ intellectual property rights are safeguarded.

Just like any profession, legal practitioners diverge in their skills and areas of specialization. These highlighted legal experts have constructed solid reputations for their remarkable knowledge of the intellectual property laws. They lead and serve in prestigious law firms across Oklahoma, where they channel their broad-spanning competencies to offer invaluable guidance to their clients. Whether in patent prosecution, trademark law, licensing issues, or IP portfolio management, these professionals exemplify brilliance and distinction.

Articulated below are the top Oklahoma intellectual property lawyers who are widely recognized and celebrated for their unrivaled mastery in intellectual property law.

David Sullivan

Working with Crowe & Dunlevy, a Professional Corporation, David Sullivan is held in high regard for his wealth of knowledge in patent issues, licensing, and trademark prosecution. His proficiency in the energy and oil and gas sectors has earned him significant recognition among professionals and clients alike.

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Randall K. McCarthy

As an integral part of the team at Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, Randall McCarthy displays robust mastery in managing IP portfolios, dealing with licensing issues, and steering patent prosecution.

David G. Woodral

GableGotwals’ David Woodral co-leads their IP department. He routinely deals with a range of patent prosecution mandates, combining technical wisdom with a strong focus on customer service.

Douglas J. Sorocco

Leading the department at Dunlap Codding, Douglas Sorocco is recognized for his extensive work in intellectual property law, encompassing patent prosecution and transactional matters.

Terry L. Watt

Terry Watt, a member of Fellers, Snider, Blankenship, Bailey & Tippens, P.C, is highly recommended for his proficient handling of IP matters. As a seasoned patent attorney, he frequently acts for clients in the technology sector.

Michael J. LaBrie

Michael LaBrie of McAfee & Taft centers his practice around advising corporations on various patent issues. Additionally, he spearheads McAfee & Taft’s biotech industry group.

Emily Campbell

Dunlap Codding’s Emily Campbell offers vast experience in handling a wide variety of IP matters, including licensing issues and enforcement strategies.

Michael H. Smith

Operating from Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, Michael Smith is known for his expansive knowledge in all areas of trademark law. He aids clients with patent prosecution and offers ongoing trademark advice.

Clifford C. Dougherty, III

At McAfee & Taft, Clifford Dougherty manages a broad IP practice, covering transactional matters and litigation. He’s often called upon to represent clients before the PTAB as well as in federal court.

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Tyler Mantooth

Tyler Mantooth, part of the team at Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, provides clients with comprehensive guidance on issues related to their patent portfolios.

These professionals exemplify the finest standards of their field, and irrespective of your IP needs, you can trust their wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to navigate you through the complex intricacies of intellectual property law.

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