Top 10 Private Wealth Law Influencers in Georgia: How They Lead

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The private wealth law sector in Georgia is distinguished by its diverse array of accomplished lawyers, each boasting unique expertise and commanding distinct respect in their specialized areas. Known for their meticulousness and remarkable grasp of the law, these professionals compliment their role with an unparalleled commitment to the client’s needs. This write-up elucidates the cream of the crop amongst private wealth law attorneys, spotlighting their accomplishments, their areas of expertise, and the contributions they’ve made to their fields.

These lawyers represent a broad spectrum of interests, handling features such as estate planning, tax matters, trust litigation, and affluent client advisories. Their impact on Georgia’s law landscape is undeniable, influencing not just the legal framework but the general business milieu, most notably in wealth accumulation and preservation strategies for high net worth individuals and businesses. The profiles listed render informed insights into their approach to law, their work ethics, and the traits that set them apart.

The private wealth law scene in Georgia can be viewed through several lenses, and while personal preferences and conditions would dictate who is best fit for one’s needs, these profiles build a sturdy line-up of the most effective and notable in their discipline. The lawyers listed below stand tall amongst a strong group of peers, and they represent the epitome of dedicated, knowledgeable, and client-oriented private wealth law professionals in Georgia.

Nikola R Djuric

Nikola R Djuric, priding himself on his outstanding representation, is known for his wide-ranging handles on tax, trust, and estate matters. A member of the American Law Institute, Djuric stands among the accomplished lawyers delivering exceptional private wealth law services in Georgia.

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Kimberly Civins

Kimberly Civins, a partner at Harrison & Held, provides her clients with exceptional advisory services on matters related to estate planning, administration, charitable planning, and tax – all while managing to delve into representation of clients in trust litigation.

Michael L Van Cise

Michael L Van Cise is renowned for his ability to communicate complex ideas in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. He always keeps abreast of the current tax and estate planning issues and is known for his highly responsive and sophisticated approach.

Kristen Lewis

Known for her specialization in special needs trust planning, Kristen Lewis has been hailed as an authority in this field and is highly esteemed amongst her peers for her excellency in law. Her unparalleled knowledge in estate planning has earned her a reputation as a dependable lawyer.

Alan F. Rothschild

Alan Rothschild, from the firm Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker & Ford, P.C., is a highly-regarded attorney with a wealth of expertise in charitable planning.

Jeremy Ware

Jeremy Ware, famed as a top estate planning attorney, stands out for his ability to weave through complex trust and estate issues seamlessly. His cool, level-headed and pragmatic approach, coupled with his technical prowess, make him a respected professional.

Lawrence Freiman

With extensive experience in advising closely held business owners on a cornucopia of wealth planning issues, Lawrence Freiman, a partner at Menden Freiman, is a stalwart in this area of law with a good reputation. His personable nature and intellect have earned him much appreciation from clients and peers alike.

Craig M. Frankel

Craig M. Frankel, a savvy fiduciary litigator, has a knack for efficiently dealing with litigation involving wills, trusts, and fiduciary duties. Comfortable with the challenging litigation milieu, his name spontaneously surges when outstanding private wealth lawyers in Georgia are mentioned.

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Tiffany McKenzie

Tiffany McKenzie, a partner at Harrison & Held, displays her vast experience and expertise in advising wealthy individuals and families on all matters of wealth transfer, including estate planning, administration, and succession planning of businesses.

Bertram L Levy

Bertram L Levy is a cherished member of the community, lauded for his ability to listen and advise impeccably. His empathetic approach, coupled with a thorough understanding of wealth transfer planning for high net worth clients, has earned him a place in the hearts of his clients as a sophisticated lawyer planning for the long haul.


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