Top 10 Powerhouse White-Collar Crime Defence Counsels in Germany Illuminated

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White-Collar Crime in Germany, often characterized by a high degree of complexity and intricacy, requires deft handling by defense counsel with specific expertise. These crimes are primarily related to financial transactions, corruption, and corporate fraud. It is in this context that Germany has a reputable cohort of defense lawyers specializing in dispute resolution pertaining to white-collar crimes. Their services are of critical importance to individuals and corporations under investigation or facing prosecution.

It becomes imperative to have a defense counsel equipped with the requisite knowledge and experience, capable of unearthing the minutest details that can substantially alter the course of any white-collar criminal case. What follows is an exploration into the profiles of some of the most acclaimed and adroit German lawyers in the sphere of white-collar crime defense.

The lawyers described below are well versed in diverse areas, such as banking and capital crimes, tax crimes, environmental criminal law, criminal insolvency law, and employment criminal offenses, to name a few. They constitute the creme-de-la-creme of defense counsels in Germany, who have been at the helm, providing unrivaled services in corporate advisory work and individual defense—which at times involved some very high-profile cases.

Hanns W Feigen

Hanns W Feigen operates from his firm, Feigen & Graf. He is highly esteemed for his role as individual defense counsel in white-collar crime cases, and his advisory services to companies and financial institutions facing criminal investigations. His areas of expertise encompass criminal activities associated with banking and capital markets, antitrust, environmental and tax.

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Daniel M Krause

Daniel M Krause, from Krause & Kollegen, is famed as a prominent white-collar crime practitioner in Germany. His experience is vast, having dealt with prominent individual defense cases and corporate advisory work. He specializes in tax crime, fraud, corruption, and criminal insolvency law.

Werner Leitner

At Leitner & Kollegen, Werner Leitner, provides excellent defense and strategic advice to high-profile clients and companies. His experience covers a large range of topics—from capital markets to environmental criminal law. He has also made several academic contributions in the field.

Eberhard Kempf

A highly experienced practitioner, Eberhard Kempf, from kempf schilling + partner Rechtsanwälte, is a veteran in the market. He has represented clients in some of Germany’s most sensational white-collar crime cases, including ones related to politics.

Renate Verjans

Renate Verjans, operating from VBB Rechtsanwälte, is an accomplished defense counsel. Her areas of focus are financial criminal law, tax criminal law, and compliance. She is known for her many high-profile representations in Germany.

Christian Rosinus

Christian Rosinus, from Rosinus | Partner Rechtsanwälte, offers his expert services on intricate issues related to internal and criminal investigations. His practice encompasses matters connected to embezzlement, fraud, employment criminal offenses, sanctions violations, and tax crime.

Walther Graf

Walther Graf, also from Feigen & Graf, extends excellent representation to individuals in white-collar crime cases. He advises corporate clients on complex criminal investigations. His practice spans matters related to cum-ex, breach of trust, and cartel law procedures, with additional experience in employment, banking, and capital market criminal law.

Anne Wehnert

Anne Wehnert of Thomas Deckers Wehnert Elsner is revered for her vast experience in representing individual defendants in criminal investigations and courts. Her focus lies in corruption, financial crime, and capital markets law violations.

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Sabine Stetter

Over at stetter Rechtsanwälte, Sabine Stetter is a white-collar crime and tax criminal law specialist. She has represented notable individuals connected to high-profile international and domestic cases such as the Wirecard and diesel emissions scandal.

Stephan Beukelmann

Stephan Beukelmann of BEUKELMANN | MÜLLER | PARTNER holds significant expertise in corporate, commercial, and tax criminal law cases. He tackles prominent domestic and international mandates with high professionalism.

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