Top 10 Powerhouse Shipping Lawyers in Malta for 2023: A Deep Dive

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For individuals and businesses within the shipping sector, legal matters can be complex. In Malta, a handful of highly experienced and knowledgeable shipping lawyers are accessible to guide and aid clients through legal paperwork, cases and scenarios that are unique to the shipping world – ranging from ship finance to shipping litigation.

This article showcases a list of shipping lawyers in Malta, with an extensive array of skills, who excel in their individual areas of specialization. These lawyers assist companies on a wide range of tasks; the financing, purchase and registration of vessels, the navigation of environmental regulations, and even bonds, mortgages and syndications.

All of the lawyers highlighted are held in high regard in the industry, each working for renowned firms. They are ensuring that the Maltese shipping economy stays buoyant and safe.

1. Caroline Risiott

Caroline Risiott

Firm: Ganado Advocates

About Caroline: Focusing on loan facility mandates and assisting international lenders with ship financing, Caroline Risiott is an influential name in shipping law in Malta.

2. Mark Fenech

Mark Fenech

Firm: Fenech & Fenech Advocates

About Mark: Mark Fenech, head of ship finance at Fenech & Fenech Advocates, is highly experienced in dealing with bond offerings, mortgage registration, and post-delivery financing for his shipping and yachting clients.

3. Robert Tufigno

Robert Tufigno

Firm: GTG Advocates

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About Robert: Robert Tufigno is known for his experience with international shipping mandates, including the registration and discharge of Malta-flagged vessels’ mortgages and transfers of ownership.

4. Alison Vassallo

Alison Vassallo

Firm: Fenech & Fenech Advocates

About Alison: As head of the firm’s yachting department, Alison Vassallo navigates the realm of acquisition, importation and registration of yachts with her clients.

5. Daniel Aquilina

Daniel Aquilina

Firm: Ganado Advocates

About Daniel: Excelling in shipping finance, Daniel Aquilina has a knack for managing cross-border ship financing matters and arranging financial structures like loan facility agreements for his clients.

6. Adrian Attard

Adrian Attard

Firm: Fenech & Fenech Advocates

About Adrian: Adrian Attard assists clients with shipping litigation matters, including insurance disputes, as well as non-contentious cases relating to vessel ownership and registration.

7. Jotham Scerri-Diacono

Jotham Scerri-Diacono

Firm: Ganado Advocates

About Jotham: Jotham Scerri-Diacono has a wealth of experience with vessel leasing and sales, as well as advising clients in matters concerning environmental regulations.

8. Matthew Attard

Matthew Attard

Firm: Ganado Advocates

About Matthew: Matthew Attard is an emerging name in the industry, receiving good recognition for his services in getting ship finance mandates cleared and managing shipping registrations as well as finance leasebacks.

9. Matthew Xerri

Matthew Xerri

Firm: Ganado Advocates

About Matthew: Matthew Xerri is proficient in guiding clients through vessel transactions and registrations, and shows considerable experience in dealing with mortgages and security interests.

10. Ann Fenech

Ann Fenech

Firm: Fenech & Fenech Advocates

About Ann: Ann Fenech is revered in the litigation circles for her unmatched expertise in shipping disputes, alongside her work on enforcement proceedings in various foreign jurisdictions.

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