Top 10 Powerhouse Real Estate Lawyers Redefining China’s Property Landscape, 2023

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China houses numerous exceptionally accomplished lawyers in the sphere of Real Estate (PRC Firms), elucidating not just national, but also cross-border and multinational real estate dealings. They play instrumental roles in shaping the nation’s thriving real estate landscape and contribute to large-scale projects, making them indispensable to many leading firms. This article introduces ten such highly skilled lawyers, providing insights into their expansive expertise and services.

These attorneys are recognized both within China and internationally for their profound knowledge in handling real estate acquisitions, joint ventures, compliance issues, and disputes. Their unfathomable client base spans domestic developers, foreign investors, and globally renowned corporations. Embedded in this assortment of professionals are their varied approaches and distinct strategies integral to managing their respected portfolios.

They influence major policy reform, and their counsel is often sought in challenging transactions and real estate law development. Navigate through their profiles to gain an understanding of their extensive experience and versatile skill set. The compilation below pays tribute to their influential capacity in China’s Real Estate sector.

Maoyuan Zhu

Zhong Lun Law Firm‘s real estate and construction expert, Maoyuan Zhu, is well-known for his impactful role in large-scale projects. Operating mainly in China, his credible record depicts a strong, solution-centred approach central to the company’s success.

Zhongchun Song

Yet another dynamic figure in the sector is Zhongchun Song of the City Development Law Firm. His comprehensive advice on PPP matters and his adeptness in resolving construction disputes make him an asset to the firm.

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Tian Wang

Beijing Grandway Law Offices houses Tian Wang, a diligent advisement expert in real estate projects. His vigorous involvement in cross-border joint ventures and acquisitions truly showcases his dexterity.

Shiwen Dong

Shiwen Dong of Han Kun Law Offices is a much sought-after advisor; his specialization in real estate acquisitions and disposals has earned him a formidable clientele, including both domestic and foreign developers and investors.

Song Mu

Song Mu, part of Zhong Lun Law Firm, holds a strong, commendable presence with his extensive experience in real estate development projects and relevant compliance issues. Mu’s client list includes prominent domestic developers and investors.

Ganghong Sun

Frequented by real estate development litigators, Ganghong Sun of DeHeng Law Offices has marked his space in the industry with his expansive experience in real estate, construction, and PPP mandates.

Fusheng Fu

At Jingtian & Gongcheng, Fusheng Fu spearheads the real estate team. Fusheng is an expert in dealing with real estate development and redevelopment projects.

Yuqin Xia

Yuqin Xia, part of the Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, brings considerable value to domestic developers, skillfully managing various types of real estate development projects with her experience.

Furong Deng

Co-heading the real estate and infrastructure team at Zhong Lun Law Firm from Shenzhen, Furong Deng is particularly noted for his handling of real estate disputes regarding loans and land-use rights as well as cross-border investments.

Yao Chen

Based in Shanghai, Yao Chen from Zhong Lun Law Firm is esteemed for her outstanding work in her real estate practice. She regularly assists with the development of multi-functional real estate projects, innovatively forging the city’s skyline.

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All aforementioned figures illustrate the range, diversity, and dynamism of Chinese Real Estate (PRC Firms), showcasing the magnitude and potential of this ever-evolving industry.

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