Top 10 Powerhouse General Business Law Lawyers in Maldives for 2023

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The Maldives, recognized for its scenic beauty and booming tourism industry, is also home to several distinguished legal professionals practicing in the field of General Business Law. These individuals not only cater to the local market, but also service international clients, handling a diverse range of commercial, corporate, tax and maritime law matters. Below, we highlight some of these key figures to better understand the dynamic and thriving legal landscape within the Maldives.

While identifying prominent lawyers, it has revealed that they demonstrate significant expertise in their respective fields, representing both Maldivian and international clientele in a series of industries such as banking, finance, maritime, hospitality, and tax. They are often at the forefront of major disputes and transactions, establishing a strong professional foothold in the Maldives.

Let’s delve into the work and accomplishments of these prominent individuals. Each of these lawyers is an integral cog in the Maldivian legal wheel and consistently contributes to the development and growth of the Maldivian business sector through their legal expertise and dedication.

Shaaheen Hameed

Firm: Premier Chambers LLP
Shaaheen Hameed holds a significant standing in the Maldives legal market with his expertise in both disputes and transactional matters. However, he has not provided a website for his law firm yet.

Ahmed Muizzu

Firm: Muizzu & Co LLP
Serving as the managing partner, Ahmed Muizzu is renowned for his extensive experience in general commercial law, specialising in international maritime law. Unfortunately, there isn’t a website available for his firm.

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Mohamed Fizan

Firm: Fizan & Partners LLP
Mohamed Fizan, the managing partner of his firm, enjoys a strong reputation courtesy of his years of experience advising clients on banking, finance and tourism matters. His firm does not maintain a website yet.

Ali Naeem

Firm: CTL Strategies LLP
As the managing partner of CTL Strategies, Ali Naeem is renowned for handling contentious tax matters and disputes with particular expertise in representing clients before the Maldives Tax Appeal Tribunal and High Court.

Mazlan Rasheed

Firm: Mazlan & Murad Law Associates
Mazlan Rasheed is recognized for his experience in corporate and commercial transactions, banking and litigious matters, representing banks and financial institutions.

Dheena Hussain

Firm: SHC Law & Tax
Acknowledged for her representation of Maldivian and international clients in the telecommunications and hospitality sectors, Dheena Hussain also handles banking, finance and M&A transactions.

Fathuhulla Ismail

Firm: CTL Strategies LLP
Fathuhulla Ismail enters the rankings for the first time this year and is recognized for advising clients on tax disputes.

Shuaib M Shah

Firm: SHC Law & Tax
Shuaib Shah is highly regarded for his work on banking and project finance matters, with substantial experience in the hospitality sector.

Manal Shihab

Firm: Salih, Shihab & Co. LLP
Manal Shihab, a young prominent lawyer, possesses experience in areas such as tourism, real estate and employment law.

Ismail Yasir

Firm: Praxis Law LLP
Ismail Yasir has major experience advising clients on banking, finance, tax, and M&A transactions. He is based in Malé and serves as the managing partner of Praxis Law, however, there is no available website for his firm.

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These accomplished individuals establish the foundation of the General Business Law landscape within the Maldives, contributing to the growth and development of this sector. Their expertise and influence are felt across various industries and their consistent deliverance of success has solidified their standing in the industry.

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