Top 10 Power Lawyers Shaping Argentina’s Energy & Natural Resources in 2023

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Argentina is home to an array of talented professionals that are central to shaping the country’s Energy and Natural Resources sector. This article aims to shed light on leading Power lawyers in Argentina that have demonstrated exceptional skills, deep knowledge and are making a significant impact in the industry. Their contribution in providing legal guidance and counsel to power industries is noteworthy. Their expertise in dealing with matters related to power regulation, renewable energy projects, and efficient decision making holds great importance in the smooth operation of energy & natural resource sectors. Here’s a closer look at these legal minds that are driving the growth in the sector:

José Carlos Cueva

José Carlos Cueva is a well-regarded partner at Beccar Varela. Known for his commercial awareness and expertise in the renewable energy space in Argentina, Cueva has left a significant impact on his clients and peers. His ability to efficiently exhibit knowledge and skills in this field adds a feather to his cap.

Agustín Siboldi

Agustín Siboldi, a significant advisor at Estudio O’Farrell, offers a personalized service to his clients. His strong commercial awareness and mastery in the regulatory landscape make him an essential asset to the industry. Clients trumpet Siboldi for his full range of competition mandates.

Gonzalo Santamaría

Gonzalo Santamaría is an up-and-coming partner at Marval O’Farrell Mairal. Being very practical and hard-working, Santamaría is rapidly gaining popularity in Argentina’s power market. He is greatly praised for his understanding of the power industry.

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Carlos Miná

Carlos Miná, a dynamic partner at Pozo Gowland Abogados, provides practical and detail-oriented advice to his clients. Noted for his domain knowledge and ability to quickly identify the best course of action for his clients, Miná has earned high praise from his clients.

Nicolás Eliaschev

Nicolás Eliaschev, a stellar partner at Tavarone, Rovelli, Salim & Miani – Abogados, is touted for his work in the development of renewable energy projects. Eliaschev’s deep understanding of the power sector in Argentina makes him a frontrunner in the market, thus positioning him as a reference in this field.

Victor Díaz Bobillo

Díaz Bobillo, Vittone & Asociados’ outstanding partner, Victor Díaz Bobillo is widely recognized for his regulatory expertise and his representation of clients before arbitration tribunals. Market observers highly recommend Bobillo for his market-leading position in the field.

Héctor Pozo Gowland

Senior statesperson Héctor Pozo Gowland of Pozo Gowland Abogados is considered an extremely important figure in the field. Attaining high commendations from his clients and peers alike, Gowland’s vast knowledge of the electricity sector in Argentina sets him apart.

Ignacio Javier Minorini Lima

Ignacio Javier Minorini Lima from Bruchou & Funes de Rioja is praised for his understanding of law and his strong cross-border capabilities. Market observers laud his consistent delivery of excellent services to his clients.

Agustina Fanelli Evans

Respected partner Agustina Fanelli Evans of Estudio O’Farrell, is known for her dedication to her work and her vast knowledge of the power regulation in Argentina. Her strong client service is highly appreciated by the industry.

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Sebastián Alvarez

Sebastián Alvarez, a key lawyer at Brons & Salas, is essential to his firm’s success in the electrical market in Argentina. Familiar with industry players and able to combine his high specialization in the matter with invaluable sector decision-making feedback, Alvarez is making waves in the electricity regulation sector.

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