Top 10 Pioneering Public Law Lawyers Shaping Peru’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In the world of law, there exist some incredibly talented and dedicated professionals whose work often goes unnoticed. Among these unsung heroes are those in the field of Public Law in Peru. This realm of law encompass state and community regulation, government administration, and public policy among other things. Peru boasts a rich and competitive legal landscape with numerous proficient lawyers. Here, we present ten of the most commendable public law practitioners in Peru, offering a glimpse into the diversity and richness of this lawyerly zone. If you’re interested in the work of these noteworthy professionals, you can find out more through the links included.

Lissy Vega Centeno

Lissy Vega Centeno, who serves as an associate at Garrigues, is a rising talent bringing a fresh perspective to the landscape. With a distinctive knack for organization and pragmatism, she is known for her brilliant legal insights and professional demeanor.

Zita Aguilera Becerril

Another luminary in the world of public law in Peru is Zita Aguilera Becerril of Estudio Echecopar. She is commended for her comprehensive technical proficiency and her assertive yet insightful approach to state contract matters.

Willy Pedreschi Garces

At Miranda and Amado Abogados,Miranda & Amado Abogados, Willy Pedreschi Garces stands out with his detailed, risk-oriented analyses pivotal to client’s crucial decision-making processes. His dedication makes him an invaluable asset in this field.

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Juan Carlos Morón Urbina

Estudio Echecopar prides itself in having the renowned Juan Carlos Morón Urbina as part of their team. Known as a guru in the arena of public law, he is lauded not only for his comprehensive knowledge of Peruvian regulations, but also for his superior quality of service.

María Eugenia Yábar

Based at the Estudio Olaechea, María Eugenia Yábar is highly skilled in regulatory aviation matters. Her proactive approach and solution-oriented mindset are notable in the field.

Carlos Monteza

Dynamic Partner, Carlos Monteza, working with MOAR Abogados, is a rising star whose robust and successful legal strategies have made him the object of strong acclaim among colleagues and clients alike.

Samuel Abad Yupanqui

Remarkable for his clarity and his foothold in constitutional law, Samuel Abad Yupanqui is a notable force at Estudio Echecopar.

Milagros Mendoza

Associate Milagros Mendoza has shown impressive commercial awareness, becoming a noteworthy figure in the public law team of Rubio Leguía Normand.

Ramón Huapaya

Dynamic partner Ramón Huapaya shines at CMS GRAU, where he stands out through his practical approach to administrative sanctioning procedures.

Víctor Baca

Garrigues’ well-regarded partner Víctor Baca, with his wide knowledge, expertise and extraordinary dedication to his clients, is indeed a force to reckon with in Peru’s public law terrain.

This list of notable professionals is merely a snapshot of the wealth of talent in Peru’s public law sector. The road to effective legislation and regulation is paved by their tireless dedication and professional discipline. Their work forms the backbone of government administration, public policy and community life in Peru.

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