Top 10 Pioneering Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Israel, 2023

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Each nation has its legal beacons, famed for their expertise and steadfast client service. Israel, being a promising economy with a considerable private wealth sector, is no exception. The nation is the proud home to exemplary attorneys renowned in the Private Wealth Law industry. This article provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most-sought Private Wealth Law lawyers in Israel, delving deeper into their specialties, and the reputation and esteem they’ve earned in their practice.

The field of Private Wealth Law is vast, covering the legal needs of high net worth individuals, families, and businesses. These may range from estate and tax planning, wealth transfer, and negotiations with governmental authorities, charitable ventures, to dealing with contentious private client mandates. An effective Private Wealth Law practitioner claims a deep understanding of the domestic and international laws, excellent negotiation skills, along with a profusion of empathy and sensitivity when dealing with personal, often complex, client matters.

One must be aware that the Private wealth law landscape in Israel is quite competitive, with many practitioners demonstrating exemplary skills and profound client-oriented mindsets. This article aims to provide readers with an overview of some of the most lauded practitioners in Israel today. Their tireless dedication to their work and an unwavering commitment to their clients truly sets them apart.

Inbal Faibish Wassmer

Inbal Faibish Wassmer hails from Goldfarb Gross Seligman and operates from the firm’s Zürich office. Inbal is hailed for her extensive knowledge in international tax and wealth planning matters. Commonly lauded for her timely and commercially viable advice on complex international matters, she has a knack for resolving even the toughest issues. Although her firm does not have a website, the testimonies of her peers and clients reveal her excellence.

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Boaz Feinberg

Holding the reins of the tax department at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is Boaz Feinberg. Known for his sage advice to high net worth clients on various tax, trust, and estate matters, Feinberg also demonstrates shrewd negotiation abilities during his deliberations with the Israel Tax Authority.

Aviram Handel

Aviram Handel, a notable name at Gornitzky & Co. serves clients on various wealth transfer planning, charity and matrimonial agreements, dispute resolution in private client mandates and execution of estates. Both clients and colleagues acclaim him as a highly responsive attorney, who has mastered making challenging situations easily manageable.

Ifat Ginsburg

Ifat Ginsburg from Ginsburg, Izardel & Co., majors in tax and wealth planning and family law. Judging from the reviews, many wealthy families are beneficiaries of Ginsburg’s expert advice and thorough understanding of family law.

Avi Abramovich

Avraham ‘Avi’ Abramovich, a distinguished practitioner from Rosenberg Abramovich Schneller, advises on estate, will, family business and family governance planning matters. Clients highlight his excellent service, professionalism, responsiveness, and calm demeanour during strenuous family matters.

Yaron Kupfer

With expertise in wealth planning, relocation, trusts and foundation issues, Yaron Kupfer from Meitar | Law Offices is a reliable adviser for ultra-high net-worth individuals and families. His experience and sound judgement stand as testament to his service.

Yaron Mehulal

At FISCHER (FBC & Co.), Yaron Mehulal works with wealthy clients, both local and international, advising on tax, succession and family business planning. Critics laud him as an erudite lawyer who renders invaluable advice in a practical, no-nonsense way.

Liat Keisary Yahalomi

Practising at Barnea Jaffa Lande & Co., Liat Keisary Yahalomi provides astute strategies on asset protection, advising on wills, trusts, matrimonial agreements, and property issues. She has a reputation for being reliable and approachable, always actively inclined to understand and meet clients’ needs.

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Shiri Lind

Based at M. Firon & Co., Shiri Lind is celebrated for her thorough understanding of family and inheritance law. Her competence in formulating tax plans that cross borders has earned her high regard amongst her peers and clients alike.

Alon Kaplan

Described by peers as “one of the forefathers of trusts work in Israel,” Alon Kaplan, from Alon Kaplan Advocate & Notary, advises clients on a range of matters, including estate and succession planning, and trust and inheritance matters. As demonstrated by his envious reputation, Kaplan’s knowledge in the field remains unrivalled.

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