Top 10 Pioneering Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Iceland in 2023

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The growing landscape of Dispute Resolution in Iceland has seen a burst of talented and efficient practitioners. Specializing in various areas of Dispute Resolution, these legal professionals ensure smooth conflict resolution, easing the path for both businesses and individuals. Here, we introduce some of the highly experienced Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Iceland, detailing their skills, forte, and the commendable work they have done in the industry.

Our directory includes eminent lawyers like Viðar Lúðvíksson from the renowned firm Landslög Law Offices, Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson who is a distinguished practitioner in Intellectual Property law and start-up advisory services, and others from reputable firms like LEX Law Offices, LOGOS, Jonsson & Hall, and Juris.

It’s worth noting that the broadness of Dispute Resolution encompasses multiple subfields like commercial litigation, white-collar crime matters, administrative and public law cases, intellectual property law, human rights, competition law, and bankruptcy, to name a few. Whether you’re looking at expertise in a particular arena or a versatile practitioner, these lawyers are ideally suited.

Viðar Lúðvíksson

A stalwart at Landslög Law Offices, Viðar Lúðvíksson, is highly regarded in the field of Dispute Resolution. With his well-founded experience and expertise, Lúðvíksson adds commendable value to the firm and its clients.

Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson

With no firm website to his name, Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson, nevertheless, makes his mark in the field of Dispute Resolution. His specialized advice on start-ups and extensive experience in IP law sets him apart in the industry.

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Geir Gestsson

An integral part of Jonsson & Hall, Geir Gestsson is an expert in handling a variety of commercial litigation cases. His relentless dedication to his craft ensures a smooth legal journey for his clients.

Grímur Sigurðsson

Also a part of the Landslög Law Offices, Grímur Sigurðsson brings to the table his rich experience in handling insolvency cases. He is a well-regarded litigator who provides impeccable service to his clients.

Hörður Felix Harðarson

Working for Jonsson & Hall, Hörður Felix Harðarson displays a broad understanding of commercial dispute resolution. His knowledge proves to be an asset in dealing with a range of commercial disputes for his clients.

Kristín Edwald

With cases involving insurance, human rights and criminal law in her portfolio, Kristín Edwald, from LEX Law Offices, boasts a broad practice in dispute resolution. She caters to a varied group of clients, including private companies, state entities, and high-profile individuals.

Stefán Svensson

Stefán Svensson of Juris, is recognized for his expertise in handling a diverse range of disputes. His particular proficiency in competition law cases positions him as a market-leading practitioner in the field.

Heiðar Ásberg Atlason

Heiðar Ásberg Atlason is a skilled practitioner at LOGOS, known for his expertise in winding-up and bankruptcy cases. With hard-earned experience and insight, Atlason serves his clients in the best possible manner.

Ólafur Eiríksson

Another eminent practitioner from LOGOS, Ólafur Eiríksson, is competent in handling a wide array of disputes, including employment law cases and litigation relating to bankruptcy.

Arnar Þór Stefánsson

Arnar Þór Stefánsson, part of LEX Law Offices, handles a multitude of disputes from commercial litigation and white-collar crime matters to administrative and public law cases. His extensive experience with cases containing cross-border elements facilitated his upgrade to Band 2 following noteworthy feedback.

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