Top 10 Pioneering Corporate/M&A Lawyers Revolutionizing Guatemala’s Business Scene in 2023

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In the Guatemalan legal space, several attorneys have carved their names into the annals of corporate/M&A law. Their expertise surpassed the norm, establishing themselves as reliable forces in the legal industry. We’ll explore some of these prominent figures, highlighting their significant contributions to Corporate/M&A law in Guatemala, as recommended by key market participants and clients alike. They are professionals highly regarded for the keen understanding of the business environment, deep insights, negotiation skills, and practical solutions they bring to complicated transactions.

Notably, their wealth of experience and strong acumen in this niche is a product of years of diligently handling not only domestic cases but also engaging in cross-border transactions. Indeed, their exceptional depth and breadth of legal expertise combined with outstanding professional achievements make them the go-to experts in Guatemala’s Corporate and M&A law realms. Let’s delve into their biographies and understand what makes them tick.

We will showcase the achievements and notable feats of ten exemplary lawyers, some of whom have left an indelible mark in their respective law firms and in the entire Guatemalan Corporate and M&A legal sector.

Alfredo Rodríguez

At Consortium Legal, one of the co-heads of the department, Alfredo Rodríguez, stands out for his resonating influence in the Corporate/M&A market in Guatemala. His peers praise his thorough understanding and adeptness, particularly applauding his strong capabilities in the tax area. One of his peers describes Alfredo Rodríguez as, “An excellent lawyer and a thorough and experienced practitioner.”

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José Quiñones

José Quiñones, a highly regarded partner at Alta QIL+4 ABOGADOS, is well-known for his expertise in dealing with significant arbitration proceedings in Guatemala. His clientele spans various industries, including food production, automotive, and the manufacturing sector. A testimonial attests to his analytical prowess, saying, “José Quiñones is an excellent lawyer and very analytical.”

Rodolfo Alegría Toruño

Rodolfo Alegría Toruño, co-head of the department at Estudio Chávez Bosque, is recognized for his capabilities within the Guatemalan corporate market. Observers have highlighted his experience and ability to help clients resolve complex legal issues effectively. Unfortunately, the firm does not have a website available at the moment.

Rodrigo Quevedo Castellanos

Rodrigo Quevedo Castellanos, the department head at Cuestas.PPQ Abogados, comes highly-recommended for his adept understanding of the laws within the Guatemalan corporate sphere. His clients commend his extensive legal knowledge.

Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote

The head of the department at CENTRAL LAW, Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, continues to build an outstanding reputation for his work in the corporate sector. His peers appreciate his business acumen, praising him as a pro-business lawyer who is active in M&A deals.

Rafael Alvarado Riedel

Rafael Alvarado Riedel heads the department at Consortium Legal, where he is revered for his significant impact within the Guatemalan corporate and M&A market. Clients endorse his long standing experience, expressing complete confidence in his abilities as a lawyer.

Claudia Pereira

Dynamic partner and co-head of Corporate and Banking at Mayora & Mayora, S.C, Claudia Pereira, is recognized for her particularly sharp acumen in the corporate and banking sector.

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Johann Hartleben

At LEGALSA, Johann Hartleben, commended for his high client commitment, proactivity, and dedication, has gained recognition in the Guatemalan corporate sphere. His clients describe him as a well-rounded professional.

Sandra Castillo

Sandra Castillo, an up-and-coming partner at Mayora & Mayora, S.C, is making significant strides within the corporate and M&A space. She is lauded for her high commercial awareness, making her a pleasure to work with according to peers and clients.

Sofía Escribá

Esteemed partner, Sofía Escribá, is now making waves in the corporate/M&A market and has been recognized by the Guatemalan market onlookers. Based at Consortium Legal, she is known as a sophisticated M&A lawyer with a knack for defending her client’s interest while also being flexible in finding ways and agreements to close deals.

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