Top 10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers in Rio Grande do Sul 2023

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The legal landscape in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul hosts a bevy of skilled tax lawyers who have earned the respect of their peers and clients alike. Hailing from premier law firms in Brazil, these attorneys bring an array of expertise in various tax law arenas and are known for their sound judgement, technical acumen and client-centric approach. This article intends to provide a snapshot to each of these legal professionals along with brief descriptions of their contributions to the field.

In highlighting these Rio Grande do Sul lawyers, it is important to understand that they are all part of a diverse legal landscape that spans a range of areas in tax law, from litigation to import taxation. Each attorney has deftly navigated complex legal terrain and crafted creative, effective solutions in their respective domains.

Immersed in their craft, these lawyers consistently offer their deep insights, critical analysis, and strategic counsel to a broad spectrum of clients. Their dedication to their work has not only earned them the status they currently enjoy but has also contributed to the robust state of Rio Grande do Sul’s tax law scenario.

Cristiano Carvalho

CMT – Carvalho, Machado e Timm Advogados is home to Cristiano Carvalho. Known for his “solid academic background and strong activity” in tax mandates, Cristiano has been leading wide range of complex matters from litigation to import taxation within the tax industry of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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Fábio Barichello

Another rising star in the legal firmament is Associate Fábio Barichello of Veirano Advogados. As the head of Veirano’s tax department, Fábio is noted for his leadership and strong regional presence in handling tax mandates. His performance has not only caught the attention of the markets but has also earned him accolades from multiple industry sources.

Rafael Pandolfo

Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados is where “extremely qualified” Rafael Pandolfo practices his distinguished trade. Known for his outstanding performance in handling both litigious and non-litigious tax matters, Rafael is a leading figure in the tax market of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Heron Charneski

Heron Charneski of Charneski Advogados is a “distinguished lawyer in cases with intersection between law and accounting.” His strong track record handling a range of sophisticated taxation mandates is highly respected in the industry.

Rafael Mallmann

Rafael Mallmann of TozziniFreire Advogados has been praised for his solid track record and ability to handle complex matters. His technical knowledge is described as “incredible” and he is noted for his highly active involvement in the tax-related issues.

Rafael Santos Borin

Also from Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados, Rafael Santos Borin is a rising star in tax law. He has a “strong presence in important cases before the superior courts” and has been handling complex tax law cases.

Rafael Korff Wagner

At Lippert Advogados, Rafael Korff Wagner earns praise for his “ethical, upright” conduct and is known for his “technical and procedural knowledge”. His solid experience is highly respected in the tax industry.

Fabio Luis de Luca

Fabio Luis de Luca, also from Lippert Advogados, is a highly active attorney, frequently retained by clients for high-value tax disputes in federal, state, and municipal spheres. His high-standing is a testament to his professional effectiveness.

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Thales Stucky

Trench Rossi Watanabe showcases Thales Stucky, a highly regarded expert with significant practice in the South of Brazil’s legal market. Market commentators and clients alike praise Thales’s in-depth knowledge of international taxation.

Rafael Machado Simões Pires

Lastly, Rafael Machado Simões Pires of Simões Pires Advogados, rounds off the list. Known for his strong presence in important tax mandates, Rafael’s supreme availability and quality has fulfiled the expectations of his clients. His background in law and accounting gives him an edge as he is widely considered as “highly qualified and technical”.


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