Top 10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers in Rio De Janeiro 2023

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The Spotlight on Top Tax Lawyers in Rio de Janeiro

In the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there are top-tier lawyers exclusively dedicated to serving and representing clients from various industries intending to maneuver the complex world of taxation. This article looks to review widely recognized and respected tax attorneys that help businesses and individual clients navigate through the Brazilian tax system efficiently.

There’s an array of exemplary practitioners in this field who consult, litigate, and plan in different tax areas such as international taxation, customs, oil and gas taxation, transactional tax, and the E&P industry. They work in various highly regarded law firms listing concentration on Tax laws and are located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The proficiency of these lawyers has earned them a reputation for their technical knowledge, assertiveness, excellent client service, commitment to long-term partnership, professionalism, and quick delivery of efficient tax solutions. Let’s delve into each of these experts, their credentials, and what makes them sought-after.

Carlos Henrique Bechara

Carlos Henrique Bechara is a celebrated tax lawyer in Rio de Janeiro, known for his tax litigation and customs prowess. He practices with Pinheiro Neto Advogados, an assertive law firm with high-end clientele. Despite the firm’s website being unavailable, Bechara’s presence in the industry is highly acclaimed due to his well-known and very active role in the industry.

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Ivan Tauil

Ivan Tauil of Tauil & Chequer Advogados boasts impressive experience in both national and international tax law. Predominantly focusing on the taxation of oil and gas, Tauil acts as the head of the department at his firm, providing exceptional knowledge and professionalism.

Christian Clarke de Ulhôa Canto

Partnering at Ulhôa Canto, Rezende e Guerra Advogados, Christian Clarke de Ulhôa Canto excels in transactional tax matters and international taxation. Praised for his assertiveness and excellent commercial aptitude, clients have recognized him for his expert advice in multiple tax matters.

João Dodsworth Cordeiro Guerra

Also a partner at Ulhôa Canto, Rezende e Guerra Advogados, João Dodsworth Cordeiro Guerra is considered an authority in various tax matters. His experience has earned him wide respect and a senior statesman title in the realm of tax laws in Rio de Janeiro.

Andre Carvalho

Andre Carvalho, practicing with Veirano Advogados, is an adept practitioner and consultant known for his knowledge and commitment. His proficiency spills over into tax, customs consulting, and planning with a focus on the E&P industry, gaining much client appreciation.

Flávio Paranhos

A partner at Veirano Advogados, Flávio Paranhos has a concrete reputation for tax consulting, tax litigation, and customs law. Clients both locally and internationally applaud his timely support and dependability in navigating complex tax matters.

Eduardo da Rocha Schmidt

Eduardo Schmidt of Schmidt Lourenço Kingston Advogados is a trusted legal partner with impressive performance in tax law practices. He provides exceptional service regularly, garnering client admiration for years.

Alessandra Gomensoro

Alessandra Gomensoro, a standout practitioner in tax litigation at Mattos Filho, often leads multi-faceted tax mandates. Her expertise and professionalism, coupled with prompt availability, have made her a trusted force in the tax realm.

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Mario Prada

A partner at Mattos Filho, Mario Prada specializes in providing tax solutions in the oil, gas, and automotive sectors. Recognized for his dedication to the client-attorney relationship, Mario Prada’s extensive knowledge has solidified his reputation as one of the best tax litigation lawyers in the E&P industry.

Luca Salvoni

Luca Salvoni heads the practice at Cascione, Pulino, Boulos & Santos Advogados. Famed for his skills in ISS matters, clients commend his technical and personal skills, as well as his dedication to finding the best solution for their tax troubles.

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