Top 10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers in Ireland for 2023 Revealed

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Law is a diverse field and within it, there exist numerous specialists who, through their extensive knowledge and expertise, can navigate the complexities endowed in their respective areas. One such specialization is tax law. Tax attorneys are critical in shaping any business entity as they provide counsel necessary for all financial transactions to be in compliance with the law. Ireland, known as a significant global hub for many multinational corporations, is home to a number of tax law specialists. This article provides a comprehensive view over some of the well-established, proficient tax attorneys practicing in Ireland.

The role of a tax attorney is manifold. They can help businesses understand and navigate corporate tax, assist individuals with estate and inheritance tax matters, assist with tax fraud allegations, guide the process during an audit, and navigate international business tax law among others. Understanding the unique credentials of each attorney can be helpful to companies and individuals who may be seeking legal guidance in this complex area of law.

In Ireland, there are several law firms with stellar reputations whose portfolio of services includes tax law. Some notable tax attorneys who are making invaluable contributions in the corporate world are Aisling Burke, Niamh Caffrey, Caroline Devlin, John Cuddigan, Maura Dineen, William Fogarty, Peter Maher, Paul Fahy, Ailish Finnerty, and Shane Hogan. Each of them brings a unique perspective and specialty to tax law, making them all an essential part of Ireland’s legal landscape.

Aisling Burke

Aisling Burke is a notable tax attorney practicing at Walkers. She advises her clients on the tax aspects of transactions and fund establishment, as well as handling securitisation mandates.

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Niamh Caffrey

At Mason Hayes & Curran LLP, Niamh Caffrey often advises funds and financial institutions on the tax aspects of financing matters. This includes corporate and real estate transactions and investments, alongside assisting clients with securitisations.

Caroline Devlin

Working at Arthur Cox, Caroline Devlin has experience with a broad range of tax mandates. These span from M&A and capital markets transactions to stamp duty matters and private equity funds establishment.

John Cuddigan

At RDJ LLP, John Cuddigan provides advice on the tax implications of investments, corporate mandates, and real estate transactions.

Maura Dineen

Maura Dineen, currently practicing at DLA Piper, guides clients on a wide range of mandates, including the tax aspects of corporate transactions and restructurings. She is also well placed to assist with tax appeals.

William Fogarty

At the Maples Group, William Fogarty advises investment funds, asset management companies, and technology sector clients on various tax matters. This includes tax disputes and the tax aspects of loan obligations, acquisition financing, and capital market transactions.

Peter Maher

Regarded highly in the industry, Peter Maher of A&L Goodbody advises on the tax aspects of aircraft financing transactions and on transfer pricing issues. He is also proficient in handling tax assessment appeals.

Paul Fahy

Paul Fahy, also a member of A&L Goodbody, has experience advising on the tax implications of M&A transactions and advanced pricing agreements. He is also skilled at representing clients in tax assessment appeals and assists with mutual assistance procedures.

Ailish Finnerty

Another proficient lawyer from Arthur Cox is Ailish Finnerty. She is well versed in tax considerations connected to M&A and portfolio transactions and has knowledge to handle VAT disputes.

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Shane Hogan

At Matheson LLP, Shane Hogan assists clients with cross-border APA and BAPA applications. He is well placed to handle tax audits, corporate reorganisation mandates, and contentious tax appeals.

In conclusion, whether you are a business owner, a financial institution, or an individual in need of tax advisory services, Ireland’s legal landscape is teeming with expert tax lawyers who can handle a wide range of tax mandates. This article has highlighted a few of these outstanding individuals and the specific areas they specialize in within tax law.

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