Top 10 Most Influential Tax Consultants Lawyers in Czech Republic 2023

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The world of taxation is a complex one, demanding intricate knowledge of legislations, regulation, and the financial landscape. Tax consultancy lawyers, acting as advisors and negotiators, play a significant role in the business world. Here, we focus on some of the most noteworthy tax consultancy lawyers in the Czech Republic, shedding light on their experiences, expertise, and notable contributions within the industry. Each of them has a distinguished role in the tax consulting domain, providing astute advice to both domestic and international entities.

Assisting businesses with cross-border matters, real estate projects, financing transactions, investment fund-related work, and tax residency transfers are just a few areas these tax consultants excel in. Improving corporate income tax compliance and providing strategic guidance for real estate transactions, fintech matters, VAT issues, and more also fall within their purview. We will delve into the profiles of these exceptional tax consultants, showcasing their proficiency and accomplishments.

The professional realm of tax consultancy in the Czech Republic is thriving, led by these exceptional individuals. This article introduces some of the remarkable tax consultancy lawyers in the country, their background, experiences, and successes. Each contributes uniquely to their firms and the wider tax industry.

Martin Švalbach

Martin Švalbach is a part of the PRK Partners, where he utilizes his expertise in cross-border matters. By aiding on the tax elements of real estate projects, financing transactions, and investment fund-related work, Martin has built a strong reputation in the industry. He also assists with tax residency transfers and provides advice on corporate income tax compliance.

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Eliška Komínková

Eliška Komínková is an esteemed member of Baker & McKenzie s.r.o., advokátní kancelář. Specializing in a plethora of tax matters ranging from M&A, restructuring work, to litigation, product implementation, and VAT issues, Komínková is known for her extensive experience within the industry.

Tomáš Hlaváček

Operating at TH TAX s.r.o., Tomáš Hlaváček is esteemed for advising international investment companies and funds on the tax side of real estate transactions and fintech matters. His expertise extends to tax residency migrations and optimal tax structures for cross-border business transfers and post-acquisition structurings. Hlaváček’s client base additionally includes high net worth individuals and industrial entities.

Michal Dušek

Michal Dušek is recognized for his active role in advising Czech and international banks and companies on the tax elements of capital markets transactions, M&A deals, and other commercial agreements. Despite a missing firm website, his prominence in the industry is distinguished.

Petr Kotáb

Petr Kotáb specializes in general tax advice and tax aspects of M&A deals, capital markets transactions, and joint ventures. Part of Dentons, Kotáb also assists with tax disputes, advising well-known Czech and international companies.

Radek Novotný

With a rich experience in handling complex tax facets of financing, capital markets, and M&A transactions, Radek Novotný is a significant contributor to Allen & Overy. He is particularly recognized for his expertise on cross-border matters.

Jan Černohouz

A part of Kocián Šolc Balaštík, Jan Černohouz has substantial experience with the tax aspects of restructurings, corporate income tax, VAT analysis, tax-related disputes, and mandatory audits. He represents both domestic and international players.

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Helena Navrátilová

Helena Navrátilová is a highly active tax consultant at Kocián Šolc Balaštík. She is prominent for her work with major Czech and international companies, focusing on tax compliance, contentious tax issues, transfer pricing issues, and several areas of corporate taxation.

Petr Šebesta

Petr Šebesta from Clifford Chance LLP is known for covering the tax aspects of real estate, financing, joint ventures, M&A, and restructurings. His clients span across multiple industries, ranging from energy and real estate to gaming and automotive.

David Staněk

David Staněk from Staněk, Tomíček & Partners specialises in advising international clients on tax planning matters and tax issues connected to acquisitions and restructuring projects. He is additionally well-versed in the area of VAT.

These tax consultants, shaping the financial landscapes of firms and impacting the wider financial sectors, are the driving force behind the robust growth of the tax consultancy industry in the Czech Republic.

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