Top 10 Most Influential Sports Lawyers Transforming the Industry in Spain 2023

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Law experts, in every industrial sector, play a vital role in laying down guidelines, sorting disputes, and guiding the enforcement of regulations with the ultimate aim of ensuring fair trade and business practices. The Sports Industry is no different. From contract renewals to publicity rights, sponsorship deals, and tax issues, sport lawyers make sure that the rights of all parties involved are protected. Spain is home to several leading sport lawyers who are making enormous strides in the industry by maintaining a practical approach towards sports law that blends strategy, knowledge, experience and commitment. Let’s learn more about these interesting individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

It should be noted that the ever increasing internationalization of sports and the economic implications tied to it, fuels the need for experienced legal practitioners even further. These lawyers draft contracts, handle negotiations, counsel athletes, clubs and associations, and run arbitrations in international sports matters. They also advise on matters related to broadcasting rights, doping, disciplinary actions within clubs, and so much more.
In this article, we will showcase some of the most accomplished sport lawyers in Spain, providing our readers with a peek into their remarkable work, which is improving the game – both on and off the field.

From contract negotiations to image rights and litigations, these lawyers have emerged as the forces shaping the sports industry across Spain and the European continent. Here is a culmination of their commendable work.

Jorge Pecourt

Jorge Pecourt is the helm at Portamento Sports, SLP. His extensive experience sees him advising individuals in sports on multiple matters such as contract renewals and terminations, publicity rights, transfers and tax issues. Jorge shines in the field of tax law, efficiently dealing with inspections and disputes.

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Roberto Álvarez

At Cuatrecasas, Roberto Álvarez provides counsel to clients from the world of motorsports and football. He is especially consulted when it comes to sponsorships, image rights, contract renewals, and tax issue related mandates.

José Lasa Azpeitia

José Lasa Azpeitia of Laffer Abogados specializes in advising both athletes and sports entities on matters related to player transfers, image rights, sponsorship agreements, and Transfer of Player Ownership (TPO) issues. Azpeitia has been instrumental in representing clients in international disputes before FIFA and FIBA.

Iñigo de Lacalle

Iñigo de Lacalle from Senn, Ferrero Asociados Sports & Entertainment, S.L.P. is known for assisting clients with employment issues related to transfers and loans of football players. He has also carved a niche in the area of club acquisitions.

Mario Resino Sastre

Mario Resino Sastre plays a major role at ESQUAD Abogados. He is increasingly seen in the Spanish sport market addressing professional athletes’ concerns over contract terminations and breaches of representation. Sastre excels in negotiations with trade unions and advises effectively on player transfers.

Jordi López Batet

Jordi López Batet of Statim Legal co-founded the firm in 2023. He acts both for domestic and international football clubs managing contractual issues and assisting individual players with transfer and image rights agreements.

Rodrigo García

Rodrigo García of Laffer Abogados, is recognized for his expertise in handling high-profile football player employment disputes and player transfers.

Félix Plaza

Félix Plaza from Garrigues is a widely sought after lawyer serving associations and clubs within the football sphere. He covers a broad range of issues including player transfers, sponsorship agreements, and tax issues.

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Javier Ferrero Muñoz

Javier Ferrero Muñoz from Senn, Ferrero Asociados Sports & Entertainment, S.L.P. manages a top-tier practice in sports law. It covers labour law matters, player transfers, disqualifications proceedings, and M&A transactions.

Agustín Amorós Martínez

Agustín Amorós Martínez who hails from Ruiz Huerta & Crespo specializes in handling international sports arbitrations and litigations for agents and individuals. His broad professional bandwidth includes representing clients in disciplinary proceedings. He also has exceptional expertise in employment law issues within the sports sector.

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